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Natural Appetite Suppressants For Effective Weight Loss

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Author: Cary Gardner

When it comes to dieting and losing weight most of the people are helpless. Following a diet, exercising regularly sometimes needs great changes in your lifestyle. Here comes to help appetite suppressants.

These are substances that can reduce appetite and thus stopping food cravings. These supplements can turn impossible diets to easily achieved. That's why they are actuallt the most used weight loss pills.

Many people refer to natural appetite suppressants, as prescription ones are hard to get and with very nasty side effects. More it is unlikely your doctor to give you prescription for appetite suppressing for the long-term - prescription appetite suppressants are designed for short-term use.

With the term natural appetite suppressants are called either herbal products, or foods that can suppress your appetite. Here are some commonly used ones:


Water is pointed as an appetite suppressant, but this has nothing to do with the truth. If it was the case, then a gallon a day will keep the food away. Truth is that when you get hungry your stomach increases the secretion of stomach acids - your stomach is preparing itself for meal.

When you drink a glass of water it dilutes the stomach secrets, and filling it at the same time. Thus the empty stomach feeling is suppressed for a couple of minutes.


Fibbers really have to do with appetite. They fill your stomach and give a bulk. When your stomach is full you feel full and appetite is suppressed. The only downside is fibbers also increase the stomach function and it empties faster, so you are hungry again an hour after you've had a salad.

In order the keep fibbers in your stomach for longer, you need something that is harder to be digested. You need...


A food rich in protein is satisfying. Protein gives you more energy, gives amino-acids and needs more time to digest, so your stomach is full for longer. Whey-protein is being recommended as an appetite suppressant, but truth is that you eat steak in the form of powder.

Herbal products

There are many herbal products that may stop food cravings, but most of them created by the marketers. Such are caffeine-containing products - caffeine has nothing to do with appetite. It actually can make you more hungry, because it increases stomach secretion and digestive function.

Other natural supplements are dangerous. Such is Ephedra, that was even banned from the FDA. Recently FDA banned another large group of herbal products, that have dangerous substances as a supplement.

In fact, there is only one appetite suppressant that you can use for weight loss - Hoodia. Although there are too many heavily marketed scam products, there are really pure products which of excellent quality.

As a conclusion we should point that moderate, healthy diet and reasonable amount of exercises are the cornerstone of healthy weight loss. Weight loss pills like fat binders and appetite suppressants could be used as an aid in your weight loss efforts, after careful research of their good and bad sides

To find good appetite suppressant is almost impossible without little help. To learn more about natural appetite suppressants and choose the diet pill that suits you most, we have created website, reviewing the good and bad sides of almost every diet pill:


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