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Author: David Rodgers

Most people have the mistaken notion that to lose weight, you go on a diet for a set amount of time, and then you can return to what you previously were eating. Somehow magically, you will stay at the lower weight that your diet brought to you. False! To permanently change your weight and at the same time improve your health greatly, you need to permanently change your diet.

Here are three rules that are absolutely critical to being as healthy as possible and losing weight.

1) ELIMINATE trans-fats. You must cut out 100% of trans-fats in your diet. Check labels on food products. The label must say both that there are zero trans fats AND not have the word "hydrogenated" listed in any fashion in the ingredient list. Also do not eat deep-fried foods (french fries, fried chicken, etc.) unless there is a specific indication that they are free of trans-fats. Why are trans-fats so bad? Because they are actually a man-made chemical that is impossible for your body to digest. Healthy fats have a wavy molecular structure that flows perfectly though your digestive system. Trans-fats have chemically straightened molecular structures that actually can accumulate like a toxin within you. After eliminating trans-fats, your risk of heart attack will go down significantly, your weight will likely begin to fall (if you substitute with healthier fats like olive oil), and it is likely that many other symptoms will begin to clear up.

2) ELIMINATE Processed Dairy. All store-bought dairy is processed, so unfortunately the only way to have dairy safely is to find a farm that will sell you milk right from a healthy cow (which unfortunately is illegal in some states). Raw milk coming straight from the cow is not homogenized or pasteurized, processes that many people have no idea contribute to poor health. The process of pasteurization (heating the milk to kill bacteria) eliminates beneficial enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria (probiotics). Did you know that so-called lactose-intolerant people can actually drink raw milk without a problem? This is because the enzymes help them naturally digest the milk. Homogenization is another problem that many scientists argue causes scarred arteries, heart disease, and leaky-gut syndrome. The process spins the milk at super high speeds, breaking up molecules into such small particles, that they are indigestible and get stuck in various places in the body. Try rice or almond milk as a substitution - soy has its own health issues.

3) ELIMINATE 95% or More of your Processed Sugar Intake. Take the time to search for the ways in which sugar is detrimental to your health. The list is so long that there is no way I could include it in this article. And chemical sugar substitutes like aspartame are no better and possibly worse. To get your sugar fix, eliminate your regular pastries and desserts and instead have fruit as dessert, or raw honey, brown rice syrup, and/or stevia in dessert recipes. In the 1980's and 1990's, people thought that dietary fat was the main culprit in making people fat. Instead, we are now finding that sugar and chemical sugar-substitutes are most likely the main reason.

Take six weeks and try doing nothing other than the three recommendations above. Note the changes in your body and see if you think that they helped you achieve better health and proper weight goals. I would be willing to bet that you will notice serious and significant changes for the better.

David Rodgers is founder of the popular natural health website - visit the site for a wealth of information regarding improving all aspects of your health using only natural means. Be sure to sign up for the free ezine and detox ebook on the website.


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