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New Year Resolutions - Diets & What Goes Wrong

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Author: Mary Leahy

Three, two one….corks popping, fireworks going off, people singing Auld Lang Syne, while others are making vows to stop eating chocolate, drinking and so on.

Every year people make their new year's resolutions and a lot consists of wanting to lose those extra pounds, especially now the Christmas season has passed and you have accumulated even extra pounds to shed, by starting that healthy lifestyle or joining a gym.

But after a short while all these good intentions go out the window.

Why does this happen?

Most times these resolutions just have not been thought through properly. These are spur of the moment or even desperate measures that you think are going to get the extra weight off and you back into a healthy lifestyle.

You may decide for the month of January you will avoid alcohol, chocolates and start back at the gym, running again or adding some kind of exercise back to your daily routine. And yes you may stick with this for the month however, there are eleven more months in the year. What happens with these? Slowly you start going back to your old habits, going out with friends as you can go to the gym tomorrow but tomorrow brings something else and so the old routine starts again.

I am not saying that you have to give up going out with friends or never having chocolate again, but to lose those extra pounds you need to take a look at your established eating habits and lifestyle, then make the necessary changes to get the desired results.

You may want to think about what you want to change and how much weight you want to lose and set reasonable goals. You can not expect to lose weight quickly and keep it off. It has to be gradual for it to work effectively.

Fad diets or extreme measures such as avoiding temptation by avoiding going out will only lead to you craving these items more and being unhappy with yourself when you do not achieve your wish.

What is the most effective way to control your weight but not have to starve yourself or avoid the foods you love? Being healthy should not interfere with your social life to the point that you stay home being miserable rather than going out with friends.

I don't know about you but I am tired of turning on the telly and all the commercials going on about what we should eat, or about how to control our weight by joining this program or that. Or seeing the headlines about this star or that who claims they have the secret to keeping thin by ….. What do we follow? Which program do we buy into? Who's detox or diet book should we follow? The one who has the higher advertising budget, so we see it more often? Where do we turn for help?

One of the best programs I have found is the one that explains how the body functions and what to do to keep it healthy. Understanding how our body works and how it uses food and in what combinations will help you understand and control your weight. Learning which foods to eat that will help you lose weight and which ones that cause weight gain will help you achieve your goal of losing weight and having a healthier lifestyle.

A good program which explains, not only the different food groups and the correct combination to eat them in, it also explains the importance of portion size and this can be found at u2canloseit.com.

Mary Leahy a registered nurse has many years experience living overseas working and observing various cultures and their eating habits. With the help of her partner developed Eating for a Healthier Lifestyle and Lose Weight Program http://www.u2canloseit.com http://maryleesfood.blogspot.com


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