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Author: Bruno

Although occasionally taking vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can and usually does help in the prevention of infection and the common cold, vitamins, in general, should not be taken to replace the nutrition that should be obtained directly from the consumption of organically grown foods.

Unfortunately, it's not always possible or convenient to consume adequate nutrients by eating a variety of healthy foods on a daily basis.

There are; however, some very simple ways to immediately begin increasing one's intake of essential vitamins and minerals with very little effort and for a fraction of the cost involved with purchasing bottles of unnatural, chemical vitamin supplements.

What are these simple ways to boost one's intake of minerals?

People often forget about the nutritive and medicinal value of herbs, spices,and seasonings for foods.

Nevertheless, they can and do play a vital role in maintaining health. One of those seasonings is salt.

Yes, it is most important as one would die if his body were depleted of it.

Sadly, doctors across the nation frequently restrict their patients to a salt free diet; yet, recent studies demonstrate the healing properties of this substance.

How can the seemingly contradictory information be explained?

The regular table salt sold in the average grocery store is practically void of minerals unless iodine has been added to it.

This is not the case with true salt from nature.

Real salt is found in and around the oceans and seas of the world.

Not having been made in a laboratory, it is completely natural and offers vital minerals, including trace minerals to those who ingest it.

Bottled mineral supplements present the danger of a possible overdose, have side effects, are often poorly absorbed, and don't exist in the perfect proportions as is the case with the minerals found in all natural salt.

Another advantage to the use of natural instead of man-made salt is the fact that most Americans salt their foods; therefore, one can easily increase his intake of many minerals simply by doing the same thing he has always done--salt his food; but, with a very different and nutritious salt.

There are a variety of real salts on the market in health food stores; one of them even comes doctor recommended as stated on the bottle!

It is Celtic Sea Salt of The Grain and Salt Society in Arden, North Carolina.

Their salt is harvested by hand from the coastal areas of France.

It's dried in the sun as part of the natural process to collect and deliver this mineral rich substance to health-conscious consumers.

It's available in two forms: fine ground and coarse ground.

Celtic sea salt has a wonderful, but slightly different taste from regular and nutrient depleted table salt.
It's extremely salty; so, first-time users are advised to use it with caution.

Celtic sea salt is one of the most expensive varieties of natural salt on the market; therefore, consumers may also want to consider, in its place, Real Salt, another brand of genuine salt that also offers a large variety of minerals, including trace minerals, at a considerably more
economical price.

To increase intake of vital minerals, one might even want to consider adding a little salty flavor to foods using kelp granules.

Kelp also comes from the oceans and contain many minerals without which health cannot be preserved.

Some dislike the taste of kelp and/or its "fishy" smell; but, for those who find its flavor pleasing, it can serve them better than any laboratory produced mineral supplement.

Learning to follow a healthy diet doesn't require becoming a "health nut"; but, it does require returning to the foods, herbs, spices, and seasonings in the completely natural forms in which God made them.

Such information about salt definitely should not be taken with a grain of salt.

Bruno has a wide experience with fitness, wellness and diets. His hobbies are hund, making money online and enjoying his tredemølle project. Please read more about his tredemølle project at http://www.aktivshop.no


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