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Only tension and compression elements in tensegrity systems.

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Author: Stephen M. Levin, MD


Principles of a fixed fulcrum or loss of joint play

is underpinned by & Science of Biotensegrity

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Tensegrity icosahedrons are used to model biologic organisms from viruses to vertebrates, their cells, systems and subsystems.


There are only tension and compression elements in tensegrity systems. There are no shears, bending moments or levers, just simple tension and compression, in a self organizing, hierarchical, load distributing, low energy consuming structure.

You might also want to investigate Donald Ingber's on-going research here. He is the other guy working on this stuff, but primarily at the cellular level..

After you have read some of the papers in the papers section, you might want to read more about Tensegrity. For an excellent review by an architect see Val Jauregui's architectual thesis found here http://www.alumnos.unican.es/uc1279/Tensegrity_Structures.htm .



For furthur understanding of tensegrity in biologic structures from the viewpoint of a geometer/artist/inventor see Tom Flemons' The Geometry of Anatomy - the Bones of Tensegrity  published on his website. Tom makes models of anatomical structures based on biotensegrity principles. Most of the models I show in my DVD are made by Tom and a third of the DVD is a discussion I have with him about Biotensegrity using his models to illustrate the concept.


For the scientist, be wary of the writings of Carlos Castaneda who has co-opted the term 'tensegrity' and redefined it to a version of some movements by Native American shamans who lived in Mexico in times prior to the Spanish conquest. This is not how the word was conceived by Fuller, who coined the term or Snelson, who first applied the mechanical principles to modern mechanical structures as an art form. I have moved to the term 'biotensegrity' to try and clearly distinguish what is science and what is 'new wave mysticism' in regards to biologic structures.


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The science of Biotensegrity can demonstrate the dynamic and potentials of this.
approach to a natural therapy. This approach has been protected and handed ...
I have moved to the term 'biotensegrity' to try and clearly distinguish what is
science and what is 'new wave mysticism' in regards to biologic structures. ...
They cover a variety of professions and use biotensegrity in different ways.
Biotensegrity is to be considered a basic science that can be adapted to ...
WHY DO WE DIE ... traditional martial arts have referred to as Yin-Yang, and what modern science calls Biotensegrity (reference Buckminster Fuller and Dr. Steven Levin). ... Dr Stephen Levin will be giving a biotensegrity talk in ...
Dr. Levin is the originator of the concept of BioTensegrity, the application of
... Force Transduction at the National Science Foundation, Washington, ...

Annals of the New York Academy of Science A Biotensegrity Explanation for Structural Dysfunction in the ... A clear definition of ‚Äúbiotensegrity‚ÄĚand a means to test the hypothesis is needed.¬†I do not pretend to be doing science; rather I‚Äôm laying out this explanation ... Bio-tensegrity - The Tensegrity - Truss as a Model for Spine Mechanics
Keywords: Spine, models, biomechanics, tensegrity, biotensegrity.

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