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Panic Attacks: 5 Unknown Secrets Of Panic Related Attacks

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Author: Mark M Morris

Panic attacks are characterized by a sudden episode which seems to cause a hindrance to our normal everyday lives. While panic attacks are often ignored as a normal occurrence, it needs to be understood that panic attacks are the root cause for various ailments, besides of course, a dull, listless and terrifying life. Taking cue from the above statement, let us now throw some light on the lesser known secrets behind your panic attacks.

It May Have Been Be Triggered From A Past Episode

Anxiety panic attacks are known to be triggered owing to a past experience. It is a kind of trauma which has been witnessed in the past but is yet to be forgotten by our brain. When a person suddenly recalls this past episode through a seemingly visual appearance, he/she is said to have suffered a panic attack. It is interesting to note that over 95% of the total patients suffering from panic attacks seem to have developed a fancy towards panicking unnecessarily and have not witnessed a life threatening situation before.

Anxiety Panic Attacks Have A Short Life Span

Whenever you are said to be suffering from an anxiety panic attack, you are in reality panicking for about a minute or two. Thereafter, you tend to simmer down and within half an hour to an hour from the time you suffered a stress panic attack, you are back to your normal self again. It has also been studied that three fourth of the patients suffering from a stress panic attack are women. While treating panic attacks, it has been noticed that most patients fall in the age group of 20 to 30 years. Hence, these attacks seldom affect teenagers and people who are over the age of 40.

Panic Attack Symptoms an Be Detected By The Patient

Panic attack symptoms can easily be studied by the patient. In case the patient is suffering from a raging heartbeat, is having difficulty in breathing, is terrified to the extent of being paralyzed with fear, is nervous and shaking, is feeling lightheaded, is choking, has chest pains, has a tingling sensation in the toes and fingers and feels as though he/she is about to go crazy or die, the patient is said to be suffering from a panic related attack. Causes of panic attacks can be plenty but if you suffer from any one of these symptoms, you need to get yourself treated through a tried and tested natural therapy.

The Main Reasons Behind Anxiety Disorders

While sleep panic attacks are known to be caused by a past trauma, most attacks which exhibit a high anxiety level are said to have been caused by a mental trauma which seemingly has left a lasting impression in the mind of the sufferer. These attacks often force the patient to rush straight to a medical center. Nonetheless, these attacks persist several times a month and may last for two to five minutes at a stretch. A large population of the American population is stated to suffer from severe panic attacks and is need for immediate medical assistance.

Medication Is Not The Cure For Anxiety Disorders

Most people who suffer from panic related attacks rush straight to the nearest medical center and try to cure panic attacks through sleep inducing drugs and anti depressants. Unfortunately, these drugs simply put you to sleep without even analyzing your disorder, let alone trying to cure it. In such a scenario, you need to adopt a tried and tested natural therapy which would eradicate the root cause of your anxiety attacks. If you wish to be free of these attacks, you need to be willing to forget your traumatic experience from within. Hence, a natural therapy is considered a permanent cure for your anxiety related problems.

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