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Panic Attacks - Do You Have Panic Disorder? Here is a List of Symptoms and Explanations!

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Author: Bertil Hjert

Panic Disorder is a serious problem and a condition recognized by the American Psychiatric Association that affects millions of Americans. This condition takes a panic attack a step further. Not only must you have experienced two or more attacks, you must also have had those attacks followed by a prolonged period of excessive worry over the possibility of another attack occurring.

Anxiety attacks don´t occur because you are obsessing over something but rather they happen spontaneously, out of the blue, in places and among people you wouldn´t ordinarily associate with extreme apprehension. That is what makes these episodes so scary, the sheer unpredictability can be very troubling and cause the worry that turns these isolated instances into a disorder.

The loss of control and fear are major contributing factors in turning isolated attacks into a disorder. Once you have panic disorder, your worry over another anxiety attack becomes pronounced and helps to foster an environment and feeling where attacks may only increase.

In addition, avoidance tactics to prevent episodes may cause extreme harm to the normal functioning of your life. Some of the symptoms associated with this disorder include:

• Trouble breathing
• Racing heart
• Feeling faint or dizzy
• Numbness
• Hot or Cold Flashes
• Excessive fear of losing control, dying or losing your mind
• Muscle pain and discomfort
• Chest pain and discomfort
• Bowel Troubles

These are just some of the symptoms and certainly if you have this problem you could be experiencing some, all or different sets of problems than what are listed here. Many people with this problem consult doctors, which is a smart course of action.

These symptoms can be very scary and they may be an indication that you have a serious medical problem. Getting checked out by a doctor is important to rule out any physical problems and provide some small measure of peace of mind about your suffering.

While consulting a doctor may rule out the need for multiple bypasses, it does not solve your problem. Panic attacks are still ruining your life. You can pay big bucks for psychological treatment or prescription medications to treat your anxiety and depression.

However, these options are not appealing to many people. There are alternatives. There are relaxation techniques that can be utilized to calm the overactive nerves and release the tension.

Many people are able to achieve positive results through a consistent exercise program where they work off accumulated stress and fill the body with endorphins, creating a positive feeling for a body and mind so sorely in need of it.

Many people also find that mind exercises such as meditation work to channel the anxiety into more positive pathways and release the negative build up. Meditation is a great way to control your panic attacks because it is fully portable. It can be done anywhere, at anytime and it soothes a worried mind and releases a lot of angst.

Meditation is something that anyone can learn and it really just requires practice and focus to become proficient. Using alternative techniques to relieve your worry is a great way to avoid the side effects and expense of prescription medications and therapy.

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