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Panic Attacks - You Can Control Your Panic Attacks With the Body´s Own Resources!

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Author: Bertil Hjert

You can control your panic attacks, anxiety and phobias. The body is naturally able to restore itself to normal after an adrenaline seeking an event. You just have to learn how to activate your body´s own resources.

If you are a panic sufferer, a generalized anxiety sufferer or a phobia sufferer, you can teach your body to relax and calm itself.

Start exercising and stick to a healthier diet. Exercising releases natural endorphins that make you feel good. This natural high will give you a reprieve from the anxiety and make your body and mind feel better. Sticking with a healthy diet will help reduce some of the negative physical effects that might be happening to your body as a result of the anxiety.

A lot of sufferers often have a problem exercising and here´s why. If you´ve experienced the physical symptoms associated with anxieties or have had panic attacks than you are already worried you have a weak heart.

People who have chest pains, heart palpitations, trouble breathing and tightness in their chest are convinced that one sprint up the stairs is going to be a recipe for a heart attack and death.

These worries of course can keep you out of the gym and fearful of any kind of physical exertion. This fear then causes you physical health to deteriorate as you gain wait, lose cardiovascular fitness, muscle mass and endurance.

If you're fearful that one run on the treadmill is going to send you into the hospital, consult a doctor to make sure you can work out and then hit the gym. The faster heartbeat is normal, the heavier breathing is normal. Start slow at the gym, maybe peddle on the bike and work your way up to more strenuous exercise. Your body and mind will realize that you are fine.

Another way to help anxiety and panic sufferers make it to the gym is to go with your safe person. A safe person is someone you feel secure with. This person can be your spouse, your brother, or your best friend. What´s important is that you trust your safe person; you trust that they aren´t going to leave you alone in the middle of the gym to have a panic attack by yourself.

They will help you in the case of panic or extreme fears. They are there to help you, comfort you and save you from the embarrassment of seeking help elsewhere. Often, just having a safety person along, that you can trust will do a lot to soothe your nerves and prevent a panic attack because you don't have to be as anxious about having a panic attack.

After awhile, if you don´t have panic attacks or horrible worries, your safe person can ease out of the routine of going. This approach can be applied to anything you find nerve wracking.

Easing into anxiety causing routines or situations is a great way to manage anxious thoughts. As a sufferer everything you do should be done gradually so that it doesn´t stress the mind and take an unexpected toll. The mind needs to adjust and you need to give it the time it needs.

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