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Pole Dancing Parties What a Hoot and Great For Fitness

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Author: Pat Munro

My good friend called me last week to invite me to a girl's night out party at her place on the weekend. I had been to her girls parties before and had a good idea of the shenanigans we would get up to - many glasses of wine, food, laughs and lots of gossip. It was a great way of unloading the stress from the previous week, and giggling with the girls. And my husband loved the happy drunk wife who came home to him at the end of the night.

The night before the party, another friend called in a frenzy. "She's getting a stripper pole!" She screamed loudly into the phone. So loud in fact, that my husband overheard her from across the kitchen table "Really? Who? Where?" I answered with as much excitement. She went on to tell me that our friend who was to hold the party was going to rent a portable stripper pole and an instructor for the night. I couldn't stop giggling, it was like I was a kid again, and I was about to do something naughty. By this time my husband was standing at my side whispering questions into my ear as I continued to giggle like a school girl. Nothing like this ever happened in our small community, and there would certainly be stories to tell for years to come.

The night of the big event, I changed into my comfortable yoga wear and skipped over to the party. There were nine of us sipping wine, and giggling nervously at the pole in the middle of the living room. No one had the guts to be the first to play, so we waited for the pole aerobics instructor to be our guide.

An hour later, she arrived. We were feeling the wine by that time, and maybe hanging from a pole upside down was not the best next step. Yet, that's exactly what we did. The instructor put on some music, and showed us a few moves to attempt. Swinging around the pole without falling, holding on and lifting our legs above our heads, that one was hilarious. Who knew that strippers were as strong and flexible as that? New respect for that profession spread through the room. Pole dance instructor then showed us a small routine that each of us had to perform. By that time we were laughing so hard, our routines were done with whimsy and wrought with falls, twists and several bruises.

After the pole dancing lessons were over, we had a few more glasses of wine and shared some rather personal stories and had some great laughs.

I remember arriving back home to my husband eagerly asking questions and a small performance. After the stories and wine and some imagination gone wild, my show was quite a bit hotter than what I shared with the ladies, and I have to admit our romantic life has improved drastically from that night on. I bought a pole for home and have kept up with classes at our local community center (yes, they actually have stripper aerobics at the community center), and I have never been in better shape. I would suggest this to any woman who wants to get in shape, have a good laugh, and add more romance to their life and relationships. If there is no class in your area, start one yourself. Practice makes perfect.

Pat Munro writes articles for websites from a female perspective, including articles on, Health and fitness including Pole dancing. Dance poles can be purchased from or provide Reiki and IET, Therapy and Classes in Canada


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