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Author: Dennis Bartram


Do not begin Power Plate ® training without first
obtaining medical clearance to exercise.


We advise every new user to start with our specially developed

Adjustment and Adaptation program. We believe
this is important, because the Acceleration Training™ method is a

totally different kind of exercise, and your body
will need some time to adjust to this new form of stimulation. On

average, this will take about 3 weeks, assuming
you are planning on 2 training sessions per week.

Once you have completed this process of adaptation, we have provided

several specialized training schedules from
which you can choose the one that best suits your personal training

goals, with everything from enhanced muscle
power (strength) to losing weight or increasing flexibility.
Every schedule in this book consists of different sections: a warm-up

phase (preparation), a workout phase and
finally a cool-down phase (recovery). These programs, especially for

beginners, should be followed in order and as
instructed on the page.

On each page you will find the different exercises included in your

training schedule. Each exercise has a name and
a number, corresponding to the names and numbers on the training poster

and the exercise chapter in this manual.
You will also find a picture of the proper way to perform the exercise.

Sit back by flexing hips, knees,
and ankles until desired depth
is reached
Maintain neutral spinal
alignment; do not “hang”
on handles
Glutes, Quads, and

Phase 1
power plate ® EXERCISES Using THE Power Plate ® pro5™ AND pro5

AIRdaptive™ MODEL WOW This pdf is crammed packed with 52 pages of how

to get the best out of any powerplate that works.

training schedules    14
how to use the training schedules    14
program: weight los    21
program: uper body strength    23
program: lower body strength    26
program: celulite REDUCTION 28
program: anti-stres conditioning    29
program: stretchING AND flexibility    31
program: bone mineral DENSITY 33
program: endurance    35
program: recovery    38
program: circulation    40
power plate ® EXERCISES 42

Power Plate® machines use the principles of Acceleration Training™

exercise to stimulate the body’s naturalresponse to vibration. Power

Plate® machines create vibrations that cause instability throughout the


As these vibrations transmit waves of energy, a variety of muscles

subconsciously contract to stabilize the body. This rapid cycle of

muscle contraction and release is what makes training with Power Plate®

equipment so effective.

Acceleration Training™ was discovered in the former Soviet Union, where

it was found to effectively combat the negative effects of the

zero-gravity environment in space. Cosmonauts were faced with

considerable loss of muscle strength and bone density from their time

in space, and Acceleration Training™ exercise apparently helped reverse

these effects. However, this new form of training was unknown in

Western Europe until after the fall of the Iron Curtain, when the Dutch

sports expert Guus van der Meer introduced the technology, resulting
in the development of the first Power Plate® model in 1999. Since then,

Power Plate® technology has been adapted for the masses so it is now

possible for everyone to enjoy training on Power Plate® machines. That
means you can strength train without the need to add extra weights,

thus without overloading the body and its joints. Power Plate® machines

everybody from high-level, high-performance athletes, to the elderly,

to those simply wishing to improve their general health and fitness


IMPORTANT NOTE Users of the Power Plate® pro5 AIRdaptive™ machine will

find special sections in this user manual placed in a box with the

AIRdaptive™, describing the specifics of their model. CORRECT use is

esential for optimal results In theory, the Power Plate® machine can be

used by almost everyone. You can adjust training to your own level and

reduce any burden on your joints, tendons and ligaments. As with every

form of training, the correct use of exercises, adjusted to your

personal abilities, will determine the benefits and effects of

completing a training session on the Power Plate® machine, while at the

same time avoiding risks of injury or damage to the body.

Body posture, muscle stiffness and muscle tension (i.e. how contracted

your muscle is) are important contributing factors in your training

session. If muscles are tensed, or contracted, they will absorb

vibrations to help strengthen and tone those muscles. Passive

exercises, such as stretch and massage on the Power Plate® machine,

don’t absorb as much vibration and can therefore be performed on a more

frequent basis.

This is why Acceleration Training™ exercise should be used on a regular

basis, starting with low intensity, which means low frequency settings

for short sessions. The body should be gently stimulated in a way that

will allow you to adjust to vibration training, but will not overload

your body. Over time, the intensity and duration can be increased
in the same manner as other progressive training programs. Once the

body has adapted to vibration, the training can be changed or

intensified to keep improving performance, whether this improvement is

desired for sports or daily life goals.



power plate ® EXERCISES Using THE Power Plate ® pro5™ AND pro5

AIRdaptive™ MODEL

training schedules p14
how to use the training schedules p14
program: weight loss p21
program: uper body strength p23
program: lower body strength p26
program: celulite REDUCTION p28
program: anti-stres conditioning p29
program: stretchING AND flexibility p31
program: bone mineral DENSITY p33
program: endurance    p35
program: recovery    p38
program: circulation    p40
power plate ® EXERCISES p42


With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week



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