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Quit Smoking Hypnosis Delivers Long Term Results

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Author: Cherie Cann

Quit smoking hypnosis programs address behaviors that quit smoking drugs don't. Drugs might help you get through the physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms more easily than quitting cold turkey. But if you really want to quit smoking, hypnosis programs do a better job long-term

One of the reasons for the low success rate of non-smoking drugs long-term, is that they don't address your "smoking rituals". If you've ever tried these stop smoking drugs yourself, you'll know what I'm talking about

Sure, you slap a patch on your arm or your hip, and it takes the edge off of the nicotine cravings. but you still have the feeling that you should be smoking when you're sitting in that favorite chair and where you see that cut crystal ashtray sitting on the table, or when you finish a meal.

And you actually feel physically uncomfortable when you don't perform the smoking rituals that you become used to. When you reach into your pocket and you don't pull out a pack of smokes, or when you reach into your purse, and you don't pull out that fancy lighter, it feels like there's something missing. You just feel uneasy.

Now, if you're a long time smoker, what you do to make yourself feel better whenever you feel anxious or uneasy? Right. You have a smoke...or two or three...and you calm down and feel much better.

But if you're trying to quit, now you've got a real dilemma. If you used to smoke one pack a day, that's 20 cigarettes, you are now feeling uncomfortable and anxious at least 20 times a day. But you can't have a cigarettes to make you feel better!

But wait, there's more. How about all of those other times during the day that you feel anxious or upset, when you couldn't have had a cigarette anyway. You know, like when your boss is yelling at your about the report that's overdue, or a nicotine craving hits in the middle of church service.

You used to at least be comfort yourself by the thought of having a smoke as soon as you got out of the office or the church. But now you can't even take comfort from looking forward to your future smoking time!

That's exactly where a good self hypnosis program to help you quit smoking comes in. You can think of it as a training program to help you learn to become a non-smoker again. After all, there was a time way back in your past when you didn't smoke.

There was a time, at least when you were a child, when you didn't smoke when you felt nervous. You might have sucked your thumb or chewed your nails. But you didn't smoke. So you know you can successfully live without smoking.

A lot of people use the smoking cessation drugs, like the patch or nasal sprays, to help them get through the physical nicotine withdrawal. They are designed to wean you gradually off of nicotine. Over a period of several weeks, you get smaller and smaller amounts, until you finally don't use them at all.

But many people also use hypnosis to help them get through the mental withdrawal of losing their smoking rituals. They combine hypnosis with the quit smoking drugs. They take advantage of all the help they can get.

Smoking cessation hypnosis programs can also help you develop healthy new habits to replace your old smoking rituals. So when you feel uncomfortable or restless during the day, you can use a healthy response to make yourself feel better, instead of smoking.

Over time, the healthy techniques that you learn during a quit smoking hypnosis program replace your old bad habits. And that's the way people successfully stay off of cigars or cigarettes forever.

To learn more about how to Quit Smoking using Hypnosis, visit - for tips, real life experiences, and recommendations on how to quit the smoking habit, using hypnosis.


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