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Quit Smoking Hypnosis Programs - Which Kind is Best For You?

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Author: Cherie Cann

You already know you want to buy a quit smoking hypnosis program. But there are so many to choose from! How can you tell which one is best for you?

First you have to decide whether you want your hypnosis program to be live-in-person, or if a print or audio version will suit your needs. Here are three things to consider: your personal learning style, your available time, and much will it cost?

First, what is your personal learning style? Some people learn better when they can talk to another person. They like to ask a lot of questions, they like to get feedback or they simply want reassurance. If that sounds like you, you might want to consider a one-on-one and hypnosis counseling program to help you quit smoking.

Or you might want to consider a group counseling, setting. Many people benefit from interacting with other people who are going through the same experiences. Peer support can be useful if you like using the "buddy system", or if you like doing things in a team environment.

Next, you have to consider how much time you have available, and how flexible you can be with that time. Individual and group hypnotherapy sessions require scheduling. You have to make a commitment to show up in person at a given time, on a regular basis.

For people who have routine schedule already, it may be just a matter of putting another date on the calendar. But if you're one of those people who already has so many things on your calendar that it's overflowing, it might be difficult for you to squeeze another commitment in.

Or what if your schedule is unpredictable, or changes every week? Even if you really have your heart set on joining a quit smoking group, or having a weekly face-to-face meeting with your smoking cessation counselor, it just might not be practical for your lifestyle.

Last, there's the matter of cost. Of course, if money is no object for you, you can just skip reading this paragraph! But for most people, money is a consideration. And even though your cash flow will improve when you stop buying cigarettes or cigars, you might still have to think about your budget.

In-person hypnotherapy programs for smoking cessation are not cheap. They can cost $100 per session or more. Now multiply that by the number of sessions that you'll need to quit smoking. Now you have a good estimate of how much smoking counseling might cost you.

If that's more than you want to or can afford to spend, there are still really good options available. You can purchase a quit smoking hypnosis program in print or in audio for a one-time cost of less than $100. You can buy stop smoking books or CDs, or downloadable e-books or MP3 files that you can play on your iPod.

These quit smoking hypnosis programs are just as effective as the in-person approach for many people. And they're especially good for people who like to be able to review their lessons. If that sounds like you, then you're in luck. There are a lot of great products to choose from.

You'll have to decide whether you want a product that you can read, or if you would prefer a product that you can listen to. Sometimes you can even find both options in one product.

But even if you have to be concerned about your budget when you buy a program to help you quit smoking, make sure that you don't make your purchase based on price alone. Sometimes the cheapest really is the best. But if it's not, you deserve the best that you can afford. After all, it's your life.

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