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Read While Sweating it Out

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Author: William Stephenson

As most of us already know working-out is very important for us. In today's hectic world where people don't have time to eat healthy and regular physical activities are less common, a good work-out every day is extremely important. By exercising, we not only get rid of the extra fat in our body but also make it stronger from both inside and out.

But as we all know, working out is a tedious activity which becomes even harder to continue when utter boredom takes over our mind. I mean, for how long can you just stare at the wall in front of you while walking on the treadmill and hear the annoying sounds of metal clunking in the gym. Doing the repeated routines of work out day-in and day-out can also be highly demoralizing as our brains quickly reject activities which don't stimulate our thinking process and we quickly start feeling bored from them.

But there's a perfect solution for this problem. How about going through a book while you work out? No, we are not crazy and we are also not suggesting you to hold a book in a hand while lifting weights with others. We are talking about audio books. This format of literature has completely revolutionized the book world.

Imagine listening to your favorite book on your IPod while exercising! Won't it make this tedious but extremely essential task interesting? Gone are the days when audio books used to come in those chunky cassettes and were only used by visually impaired people. Audio books are now for everyone. In today's digital age, even audio books have changed their form. They are now also available in CDs and can also be downloaded from the internet.

Audio books not only make exercising fun but it also keeps one motivated. Audio books are not like songs where you know what's going to happen next and how it will end. Audio books keep you intrigued in their narrative and compel you to imagine scenarios, places and situations.

Plus, I think most of us will agree that we tend to do better exercise when our mind is busy somewhere else. Any kind of activity starts to feel ten times more difficult if we put our full concentration into it. Audio books distract us from the exercise and we do it in a much better way. Bringing an audio book with you while exercising, is a wonderful idea also because it gives us the time to experience the magical land of books. Most of us don't have the time to take out from our busy lives to read books. So why not add books to our life? It also gives you time to catch-up on new books in the market.

Basically, audio books give us the same experience of reading a normal book but you don't have to sit at one place to enjoy them. You can improve your body with the work-out while improving your mind with the book.

William Stephenson has been writing on how technology enhances workouts for years now. Have a look at what he thinks will greatly enhance your workout regime by going to You'll be amazed at what you find.


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