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Save Your Thighs From Lumpy Cellulite!

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Author: Angelo Johnson

Have you ever pitched your thigh and noticed little lumpy stuff that looks like cottage cheese? If you have then you have cellulite and you are not alone out there. Cellulite is made up of a collection of fat that push up against tissue underneath a persons skin and it then causes the skin to create dimples. There are many things that cause cellulite one's genes, your age, the thickness of skin, and a persons gender can reflect whether they have cellulite and how much they have.

The best thing to do is reduce the amount of cellulite you have it to reduce the amount of excessive body fat that you have. If you are overweight and have cellulite you could eat fewer calories and exercise more. Combining a strengthening program with an aerobic program has been proven to be the best fighter against cellulite.

One thing that seems to work to reduce visibility of cellulite is use a self tanning product or go to a tanning salon. Cellulite doesn't look as noticeable on darker skin, so it creates the illusion that it isn't there.

However, cellulite isn't always a bad thing; it does help us out in some ways. It creates insulation for the body keeping us warmer and regulates the temperature of our bodies as well. During pregnancy when a women is lactating it stores fat so the body has a good amount of calories available. It also serves as an endocrine organ the helps balance the hormones in old age.

Doing a regular detox will help reduce the cellulite on your body. The lymphatic system of the body helps to circulate blood flow and carry away toxins from tissues. Keeping this clean and flowing properly will help in preventing cellulite from forming in the first place. There are also other ways to stimulate blood circulation, massage, deep breathing ,and exercise all help the lymphatic system.

Ever notice that women get cellulite more than men? A woman's skin is completely different than the skin from a man. When a woman's body releases estrogen it builds up fluids in fatty tissues. Estrogen also makes sure that it stores excess fat around the hips, thighs, and buttocks. This is because women need to make sure that they have enough energy for pregnancy. Pregnancy can also release a hormone that is called relaxin. This loosens tissue in the cervix and widens the pelvic bone making room for baby to pass into the world. Age and genetics play a huge role in whether or not you have cellulite or how much you have. Our bodies tend to break down instead of build up as we get older. But with regular detox and exercise and keeping your body balanced we can prevent it from happening any sooner than it should.

Liposuction is a popular treatment for cellulite. It is quick, and simple but it will not get rid of cellulite forever. In order to do that you have to go through extensive life changes. Many doctors will tell you that this is not a very good treatment for cellulite because it is only temporary. Some other things that you can do is release stress, yoga is great for that and it will elp ton and tighten musles. Get a massage, putting pressure on the muscles , kneading the skin like dough and rubbing in a circular motion will help to increase blood flow. Another thing to try is cellutone, it is a safe all natural cream that is the only product on the market today that has been proven to have long lasting results that don't use drugs or ingredients such as caffeine in them. You can find this product at Alternative Health Supplements. Remember that keeping a healthy diet and detoxing will help as well as regular exercise are keys to preventing cellulite in the first place.Taking a multivitamin will help to get your body the nutrients that it needs that it doesn't get from your diet and keep hormones balanced by gently supporting the endocrine.

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