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FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week
The positive outlook on life which can be developed while practicing yoga will help an older person deal with the loss of a spouse. This is another benefit for people of a certain age who must deal with death more frequently than younger people. Whatever a senior's range of mobility might be, a yoga program can be set up by a qualified yoga instructor. People are never too old to get moving and enjoy the tranquility of yoga in all its forms without undue pain and discomfort. It's important for seniors to know their limits and to listen to what their bodies are telling them when they start a new activity such as yoga. When moving properly with expert direction, yoga is a gentle relaxing way for seniors to improve their health and to develop a healthy attitude towards life.

Thirty Minutes of Exercise a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
“Exercise is good for you!” If you had a dollar for every time you heard this statement uttered, you’d be rich by now, right? Well, proponents of everyday physical activity aren’t just blowing smoke when they repeat this mantra. Medical research has uncovered resounding evidence to back up this “good for you” claim.

FLEXI-BAR® for General Fitness
FLEXI-BAR® works all of the muscles of the entire body. The action of shaking the FLEXI-BAR® causes a vibration to be passed through the body. This vibration pushes, or stretches the muscles out of their natural alignment. This misalignment sends an automatic message to the brain, via the nervous system, that the muscles have been stretched. The brain sends a message back to the stretched muscles to “contract” or shorten, in an effort to bring them back to their “centre”, or state of equilibrium.

FLEXI:BAK is suitable for people with persistent back problems.
Who is it for? FLEXI:BAK is suitable for people with persistent back problems. It may provide temporary relief and support for lumbar pain (including temporary relief for pregnant women). It allows a gentle traction of the lower back, alleviating pressure on nerve endings and discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons. This gentle traction is suitable for those who find typical forms of inversion too aggressive, or too expensive!

Who Else Wants To Get In Shape in 35 Minutes?
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How to Look 5 Years Younger in 5 Minutes Each Day
Our skin's primary purpose is to protect us When we don't take care of our skin, it can't do its job properly - and it looks faded and dull

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