How to Stop a Panic Attack - 4 Tips
For those who have never had a panic attack, it is hard to understand just how much of a hellish exp...

5 Exercise Tips on Losing Weight
Apart from eating right and getting enough sleep, the one thing that researchers, doctors, and healt...

Why Atkins Diet Recipes Don\'t Work
The United States is known for a lot of things, but recently it has been home to one of the fastest ...


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5 Best Exercises For Fitness
Everyone wants a quick fix They just want a list of exercises that will take little time and little effort but produce great results

Fitness and Wellness Principles
When we hear the term, physical fitness, we typically think of activities such as running, jumping, or lifting weights. But, fitness involves much more than how much you can "lift", how fast you can run, or how high you can jump.

The Degradation of Fitness Science
An examination of one example of how exercise and fitness science is entering the dark ages of subjectivity.

24 Hours to Total Fitness
One of that most difficult things about getting started on a fitness and exercise program, is the mental thought of long drawn out sessions in the gym or your own exercise room. The first couple of sessions actually are not to bad, and in fact may even be enjoyable, it's the ones after that where the de-motivation starts to set in.

FLEXI-BAR® for General Fitness
FLEXI-BAR® works all of the muscles of the entire body. The action of shaking the FLEXI-BAR® causes a vibration to be passed through the body. This vibration pushes, or stretches the muscles out of their natural alignment. This misalignment sends an automatic message to the brain, via the nervous system, that the muscles have been stretched. The brain sends a message back to the stretched muscles to “contract” or shorten, in an effort to bring them back to their “centre”, or state of equilibrium.

Are You Looking For A Good Health And Fitness Gym?
Choosing a gym can be a difficult decision It is hard enough to exercise consistently at a gym that you like, but imagine trying to be consistent with a gym that you dislike

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