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Secrets of the Master Cleanse - Unveiled

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Author: Gabriel Killian

This article entails the importance behind the Master Cleanse Detox diet. It describes the way in which the diet is administered, how it works in cleansing the body, and the benefits that follow the treatment. In addition it also specifies the possible negatives of the diet and how it could potentially be bad.

There are so many fad diets now-a-days that it can be utterly exhausting trying to find the one best suited to you. The problem is that everyone's bodies are slightly different, and react differently to different stimuli. That's why there is no one cure-all or perfect diet universal to all.

Myself for example, I have noticed that there are specific foods that my body just seems to crave continuously. One for example is artichokes. I love them so much that I even drink this artichoke tea that I found at a mart near our house. I read at some point that artichokes have some sort of nutrient in them that is not found in really any other foods. I just double checked, and apparently it's something called cynarin and silymarin along with possessing these they also have many other phytochemicals impervious to health such as all other vegetables though all differ slightly in what they offer. Research is still under way to determine the healthful benefits of this vegetable.

My point is, long story short, my body craves them, so there must be something in these wondrous veggies that my body needs. If you listen to your body it's likely to tell you what it needs. As long as the body is healthy that is. When the system becomes so clogged down it can't even tell you what it needs thats when you experience disease and illness. With so many artificial ingredients, hormones, antibiotics and pesticides found in foods today your bodies' organs begin to become clogged, can no longer function properly and are no longer able to determine what you need.

Here's where the Master Cleanse Diet, and it's secret to success, and a life of health and wellness comes into play. The Master Cleanse actually cleanses your bodies organs of debris and toxins in order to get it functioning properly again. It's important to do annually to ensure that your organs stay healthy. Many individuals don't understand this vital key in staying healthy. It's kinda like taking a shower, but for your organs. You want to stay clean for your body to look and feel its best, and in this case it includes cleaning your organs. New concept to many, but it really shouldn't be.

Upon the positives of the diet, there are many argueable negatives in which the master cleanse diet a.k.a the lemonade diet may not be such a good idea. First and foremost many would aggree that the diet is too extreme. They believe that the master cleanse can be too tough on the body which may cause other problems as with many things extreme. Some would also argue with proper diet and exercise many would not need the cleanse as the body can detox itself with proper health. It is always good to see all points of the diet and to make your own decisions on whether or not the diet is right for you. If you are in seriously poor health, then the master cleanse wouldn't be suggested in many cases. This may only cause you more problems as your body may have adverse affects on such an extreme change in diet.

The Master Cleanse is a ten day treatment you can make at home consisting of a gallon a day water mixture with 6 fresh squeezed lemons and or limes, a couple teaspoons cayenne pepper, and a cup of maple syrup. The lemons and limes do the detoxifying of your body, the cayenne detoxes as well, stifles hunger while speeding up metabolism, and the grade B maple syrup offers almost all essential nutrients your body needs plus some good calorie content. Its definitely not an easy task to undertake as you're so used to eating. It's hard to get out of the habit for that many days, but after about three days it begins to become much easier. Afterward you will notice foods taste better, you're more in tune with your bodies needs again as you should be, you have increased energy, you sleep better, you're more mentally alert and aware, your mood improves greatly... etc. etc. The list just goes on, and I know this because I speak from firsthand experience. It's one of the most pivotal things I've done for myself, and would recommend it to all!

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