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Should You Diet To Increase Metabolism?

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Author: Jim Robertson

There are many new words to learn when you are researching for killer weight loss tips, and one frequently is "metabolism". This is the rate in which your body burns up calories. The average person should only be eating about 2000 calories per day. Some foods are touted as "metabolism burners" as they burn more calories than you consume. But is a diet to increase the metabolism of your body right for your weight loss regimen?

It Can't Do It All

Keep in mind that any diet, even a diet to increase metabolism, will not work in getting the weight off and keeping it off all by itself. You will still need to eat a healthy variety of foods and exercise regularly. You also need to drink about six glasses of water a day. Not only does this help you to feel full, but it will help you to give the energy you need in order to exercise more, even if it's just running to the bathroom more frequently.

Although this writer is flattered that you are taking the time to read this article, please don't use it in the place of a medical diagnosis. You should only loose weight if your doctor tells you that you need to. Being too thin has its dangers as well as being too fat. Also, check with your doctor before you try a weight loss pan or any supplements. You want to be sure your body can handle the changes.

Foods That Burn Calories

There are many foods in a diet to increase metabolism of your body, but don't live entirely on them, just have them take up more of a percentage of your daily food intake. So, you should still eat 2000 calories. But instead of eating calories that stimulate making fat, you could eat more of foods that take more calories to burn and give you more energy to keep on moving.

Fiber is a necessary part of a diet to increase metabolism. It is available naturally in foods like whole grains, bran cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as supplements. It takes longer for your body to digest fiber than most other foods, so it burns more calories. And, as an added bonus, fiber swells when in your stomach, so it helps you feel fuller longer.

Salads are also recommended in a diet to increase metabolism, as long as you don't use heavy, creamy dressings. Lettuce and celery not only give you fiber, but are mostly made of water. It is a very versatile base and can be used as a substitute for white rice or bread. You can add lean meats and cheeses or fish to your salads, as well as different kinds of vegetables. Three quarters should be vegetables and one quarter or less should be protein.

Is A Diet To Increase Metabolism For You?

A diet to increase metabolism of your body means that your body will burn food up faster. This has its pluses and minuses. This is one of those kinds of diets that some people swear by - and other people swear at. Before you go on any diet, be sure to talk with your doctor first.

What You Do

This is only meant to be a one week only diet - but you have to eat sensibly afterwards in order to maintain any weight loss. You drink four to six glasses of water per day. You only have a cup of black tea or coffee for breakfast, two hard boiled eggs and a cup of spinach for lunch, and a very small dinner - usually a salad and 6 ounces of lean meat. Although most condiments are okay, salad dressings and sugar are cut out.


You cannot live on this diet, so stop after a week. You also need vitamin supplements on this diet. A diet to increase metabolism is not recommended for diabetics, people with low blood pressure or children.

Foods To Eat In Dieting To Increase Metabolism

When a person decides to diet to increase metabolism they need to know what types of foods will actually work to positively affect the metabolism. Actually, the foods that are the most effective in increasing metabolism are the foods that are healthiest for the human diet. These foods are more complex and tend to have more nutrients that are essential for the human body.

Specific Foods

Specific foods that aid in the diet to increase metabolism are whole grain products such as whole wheat bread, oatmeal, and other types of cereal products. Vegetables and fruits are also very beneficial in the effort to increase metabolism. Foods that require extra effort to digest such as raw celery, carrots and other vegetables that are high in fiber will be very advantageous. High protein foods such as lean meat, fish, nuts and beans will also be helpful in the diet. Complex foods require more energy to break down and digest, thereby increasing the metabolic action.

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