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Shoulders & Upper Back Exercises (1 min each arm) and usually operates,

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 Stiff Shoulders & Upper Back

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(1 min each arm)


Simple Core Health Exercises


These training plans have been specifically designed for a whole body workout. You can perform the 9 exercises as a sequence, or you can target a specific area by choosing 3 exercises, 2-3 sets (1 min each). Training plan 1 is for beginners. Training plan 2 is for more advanced FLEXI-BAR users.

Holding the FLEXI-BAR: Always hold the FLEXI-BAR in the centre of the rubber grip, whether you use one or two hands. Most importantly, keep your grip relaxed at all times, with your wrists in a neutral position. Try not to squeeze the grip, otherwise your arms will fatigue quickly.

Swinging the FLEXI-BAR: Stand tall with your shoulders back and down, stabilize your core by contracting your abdominal and lower pelvic regions. Breathe normally. Always begin with a small swinging motion; however, initially you will need to PUSH the bar to get it started. Close your eyes and allow the vibrations of the Bar to be felt in your core.

NOTE: Try to keep your elbows in line with the Bar at all times-this will disengage the use of the wrists and forearms. At the beginning, the FLEXI-BAR may not swing. This is an indication of coordination, not relative fitness. Coordination is learned very easily, over a short period of time.

Training Guidelines: For Maximum results, use the Bar 3 times per week, 10-15 minutes each session. Perform the exercises you are comfortable with, up to 60 seconds for each exercise. Take regular breaks in between each exercise. It is not necessary to perform all 9 exercises every time you train with the FLEXI-BAR, although doing so will provide you with an overall body workout.Always begin with an adequate warm-up, including exercises to slowly elevate heart rate and encourage blood flow to the muscles of the upper and lower torso.

FLEXI-BAR is not recommended for:
1. 3rd trimester pregnancy, 2. Acute Injuries.
Don't Swing the FLEXI-BAR too hard as this will cause cracks to appear in the shaft, disrupting the swinging action. The FLEXI-BAR team recommends seeing your physician before starting any exercise programme.

 FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week


Things To Consider When Starting An Exercise Routine
By Ty Magnum

When contemplating exercise, one should take into consideration a few things. The most obvious is the personal ability that you possess. If you have any injuries and/or health problems, these should be consulted with a health care professional before you begin any type of exercise or dieting program. It is important not to get over zealous and expect your body to be able to handle the vigorous workouts it once endured, but to ease into your workout regiment, especially in the beginning.

Your first day of exercise should be an introduction to the equipment or other training apparatus you will be using. Getting your body used to the motions you will be putting it through will be a helpful idea.

Another aspect of exercise one should keep in mind is
how often you are willing to commit to exercise. In the first week of body training, your workouts should not exceed twenty minutes, and you should not work out more than three times that week. Remember, your body needs time to rest and rebuild the tissue that has been damaged in your workouts/exercises. As you progress in your workout schedule, you may, if desired start to workout every other day. This will increase the amount of results, but always keep in mind that it will be very easy to “go over board” with exercise and potentially hurt yourself.

All of the previous should be considered before you begin your workouts, but more importantly than the rest you must decide if you are truly ready for exercise and the commitment it brings, because like all commitments, if you do not stick to it, it will fall apart. These are meant to be words of encouragement, so get up, and start your new life today!

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