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Six-Pack Abs Exposed!

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Author: K. Purden

Do you think getting a six-pack abs is as easy as click-and-send? Think again but every time you see others flaunting their six-pack abs, note that every human being is capable of acquiring it too. The only question is, are you ready to acquire it?

The truth about abs is quite obvious even to medical students and those with an anatomy subject: all of us are born with abs. But when you want to nourish your natural form, of transforming an abs to a six-pack abs, various challenges await you.

On top of the list, a six-pack abs is a product of a rigorous pattern of diet and exercise to decrease body fats and tone up muscles. A suggested diet for those who are determined to have a six-pack abs consists of 40% protein, 20% good fats, and 40% carbohydrates. Achieving this kind of diet will help you lose body fats.

Complex carbohydrates are virtually found everywhere. You can have them from your pasta, brown rice, spaghetti, potatoes, macaroni, brown bread, wholemeal bread, wholegrain cereals, bagel, high fiber breakfast cereals, shredded wheat, yam, peas and porridge oats. But the best sources of complex carbohydrates come from bran, brown rice, and oatmeal since they are in their most natural state.

Fruits and dairy products will be cut down from your daily diet because they contain carbohydrates that may slow down the fat reduction process. Remember that your twofold goal consists of reducing body fat so start quitting your fruit and dairy products habit.

The best sources of food that will help you eliminate unwanted fats in your belly is protein. Good sources of protein include fish and seafood, white-meat poultry, beans, eggs, soy, pork tenderloin, lean beef and an energy bar too.

Achieving the right kind of diet is but a part of the entire process of getting a six-pack abs. The next thing you need to achieve is the right exercise since not all exercises are directed at getting a six-pack abs. A correct weight training regimen will surely hold the key to your success.

An hour of workout for about four or five sessions every week will be sufficient. You need to have cardiovascular exercises to completely do away with fats as these exercises burn your extra calories. The result would of course be effective if the process is done habitually.

Since not all are endowed with a good metabolism, those with a slower metabolism may need to increase their hours of workout. An extra 45 minutes will be added to the usual one-hour session and instead of doing it for only four or five time weekly, a slower metabolism may compel you to exercise for six or seven times weekly. Cardiovascular exercises include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, running, and bicycling.

Combining diet and exercise will be your guide to achieve the six-pack abs. After all, it not only adds positively to your physique for it has other benefits that are beyond the physical level.

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