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Sleep Apnea Treatment: Toronto Family Members Can Participate In

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Author: Sarrah Beaumont

If one of your family members suffers from sleep apnea, chances are that other family members suffer, too. After all, the loud-enough-to-wake-up-the-dead snores can truly disturb the living's sleep, not to mention the rude awakenings that are nighttime choking and gasping spells!

Of course, these are but small annoyances in the general picture of sleep apnea. This sleep disorder can be deadly to your family member because of the great stress the heart goes through during episodes of apnea. In fact, some researchers describe it as the heart on a treadmill even when the body is at rest!

Fortunately, there are things that you can do as part of the sleep apnea treatment Toronto doctors, or anywhere else for that matter, will prescribe for the sufferer.

Encourage Lifestyle Changes

Often, the positive environment that surrounds the sleep apnea treatment Toronto doctors will recommend comes primarily from family members like you. In this line, you have to fully support and encourage lifestyle changes with actions like:

Serving the proper diet of fruits and vegetables that will facilitate good weight management. You can even ask a dietitian-nutritionist for the food types that will help in weight loss required by the sleep apnea treatment. Toronto is home to many of these professionals so it should be an easy task.

Taking away temptations to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes as well as disposing of sleeping pills and sedatives around the house. You have to support encouraging words with actual actions.

Encouraging regular sleeping habits by adapting them, too.

Helping the sufferer follow the doctor's recommendations especially when it comes to follow-up check-ups.

Of course, emotional support in all stages is a given. You can hasten relief of symptoms when you do not condemn the person but instead encourage him/her to seek medical help.

Adjust to Sleep Masks and Machines

It is not just the sufferer who must make adjustments to the mask and/or machine that comes with medical sleep apnea treatment. Toronto boasts of many manufacturers of these breathing aids, which makes for many choices in sizes and designs.

You have to make sure that he/she wears the mask at night; otherwise, symptoms will appear almost at once after cessation of use. You can also help him/her articulate feelings like physical discomfitures and emotional hassles regarding the wearing of the device.

Assist in Paperwork and Finances

The paperwork necessary with doctors' visits and sleep studies, which often include insurance documents, can be very frustrating when tackled alone. Thus, it will be a big help to your family member if and when you can assist with this part of the sleep apnea treatment. Toronto, after all, has insurance laws that can be bewildering. Then again, so are the insurance laws in other places!

And then there is the issue of finances. It can be quite expensive undergoing a medical/surgical sleep apnea treatment, Toronto being one of the most expensive cities to live in Canada. As such, financial understanding can go a long way towards easing the emotional and physical burden of the sufferer.

Ultimately, all your sacrifices will be worth it when your beloved family member can get his/her good night's sleep. And so will you!

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