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Sleep Sweet Less Wrinkles Every 7.5 seconds, a Boomer turns 50!

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Author: Phillip Skinner

It is very essential because sleep gives us the required energy to live another stressful day. It also gives us the time to rest, relax, and forget our worries and anxieties Having sleep is very important to us. It is very essential because sleep gives us the required energy to live another stressful day. It also gives us the time to rest, relax, and forget our worries and anxieties. Sleep also helps maintain our body healthy and keeps our memory sharp. It is as important as to eating and drinking so we should give extreme attention to our sleeping habits. Without sleep, our body will not function well.


Unfortunately, other people do not get enough sleep. They experience lack of sleep due to too much work; while others undergo sleep disorders that forbid them from getting enough sleep. As we fall asleep, we enter the transition sleep called Stage 1 and begin our first sleep cycle. Within a few minutes we go into our Stage 2 sleep. Stage 2 sleep is where the other three stages come from. Within 15-20 minutes we have gradually evolved into Stage 3 then Stage 4 sleep.



There are different causes of sleep deprivation. Somniphobia, (fear of sleeping) anxiety or stress, environment noises, night shifts, and traveling from place to place can cause sleep deprivation. But the most common and well-known cause of sleep deprivation are sleep disorders, and the best known sleep disorder is insomnia.



    * The Sleep Center in Los Angeles states that 80% of the population sleep on their sides! The National Sleep Foundation’s 1999 Omnibus “Sleep in America Poll” (OSAP) reports that 62% of all adults in America have sleep problems a few times a week, and 56% have symptoms of chronic insomnia. 34% of adults (44% of men and 36% of women) snore, at least several times a week. Even children---60% of them, in fact, under the age of 18---say they’re tired during the day from lack of sleep. The most serious sleep problem---sleep apnea, which causes abrupt pauses in breathing during sleep and can even lead to death---afflicts 12% of all Americans.


    * In the United States, between the end of World War II and 1964, 76 million Baby Boomers were born. They are now entering middle age and changing the demographics of the entire population, along with consumer needs, since they spend more money than any generation in history. Every 7.5 seconds, a Boomer turns 50!. Aging boomers have caused a unique explosion in the beauty, health, and anti-aging markets.


    * Along with buying anti-aging products, Boomers are becoming more interested in plastic surgery. According to a recent release from the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASPRS), the most noted and largest professional organization in the field, cosmetic surgery procedures for men and women have increased 50% over the last two years. Since 1992, the numbers are even more note worthy totaling a dramatic 153%! Facial procedures show an astounding climb. To name just a few percentage changes since 1992:


    Chemical peels:246%

    Cheek implants:65%

    Eyelid surgery:102%


    Forehead lift:172%


    * In addition to being the most effective anti-aging and non-surgical alternative, the SMF Pillowette is the ideal adjunct to postoperative recuperation. Since ASPRS “trends” show no slowing down in this phenomenal rise in cosmetic procedures, the SMF Pillowette, already endorsed by leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons, is sure to become a standard postoperative device.


    * According to the Gale Research reports, over $3 billion will be spent on cosmetics designed to improve overall appearance and retard / prevent the effects of aging. But many of these expensive products will not work because they don't have enough time to absorb into the skin. That's what makes the SMF Pillowette an even better investment. Now, when you go to sleep all those expensive moisturizers and serums will stay on your face, absorbing into your skin and working the way they should.


    * Americans are in dire need of back, neck, and shoulder help, which can be provided by sleeping with the SMF Pillowette. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 29.9 million people reported muscular or skeletal impairments; back and spine problems represented 51.7% of these; with an overall rate of 124/1000 persons. Oftentimes, the posture used while standing, lifting, or sleeping causes and/or exacerbates these problems, which account for the second leading cause of absenteeism from work, after the common cold.

    * If you consider that the human head weighs about 6 lbs. for a woman and and 8 lbs. for a man, that can cause one large pain in the neck, shoulders, and back if not supported correctly! The SMF Pillowette totally supports head weight.


    * For the first time, in the late 1990's and for the new millennium, researchers are looking to change the way we sleep, and the accessories used for sleep, including pillows and mattresses, to solve a wide variety of health and aging problems.


    * More and more people exercise their body musculature to keep their youthful appearances, but don’t realize that their faces are composed of many muscles which can be exercised or damaged as well, by frequent improper expressions and certainly by constant pressure from incorrect sleeping surfaces. That’s where the SMF Pillowette will make an amazingly positive difference in the way your skin looks and the way your facial muscles react to aging!


    * Almost four million women will be pregnant this year and the recommendations given by obstetricians for sleeping are important. Optimal positioning for fetal blood flow is to lay on the left side. Other doctors recommend sleeping during the third trimester (28th week until birth) on the left side with one pillow supporting the abdomen and another between the legs. The SMF Pillowette is perfectly suited for these situations.


    * The SMF Pillowette literally elevates delicate facial tissue from your sleep surface and so eliminates pressure on facial muscles and skin from the previous surfaces you’ve been lying on! It’s also extra comfortable. You can sleep all night on your side, breathe well, reduce or eliminate snoring, and wake up looking great, without that wrinkled “pillow face” look that often greets you in the morning when you look in the mirror (And by the way, that aging look can last if you continue sleeping on an incorrect pillow). In addition, the SMF Pillowette provides cervical support reducing neck and back pain. Finally, it complements facial treatments by preventing them from rubbing off on your sleep surface.   http://www.savemyface.co.uk/products_page.php


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