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StemEnhance Facts - An FAQ On StemEnhance

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Author: Matt Gaines

StemTech Health Sciences was founded in 2005 in order to bring a new breakthrough product technology to the marketplace. This Product is called StemEnhance and is the beginnings of a natural, phytoceutical dietary supplement started as a conceptual theory in the mind of a research scientist at the turn of the century. The following article was created to provide specific information on StemEnhance. Read the FAQ and judge for yourself.

1. What is StemEnhance?

StemEnhance is a blend of two compounds extracted from the widely consumed aquatic botanical Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). One extract, which contains an L-selectin ligand, supports the natural release of stem cells (CD34+ cells) from the bone marrow. The other extract, a polysaccharide-rich fraction named Migratose, may support the migration of stem cells out of the blood into tissues.

2. What is the science behind StemEnhance?

The effect of StemEnhance on stem cells was tested in a triple-blind study. In brief, volunteers rested for one hour before the first blood sample, which established the baseline level in the number of circulating stem cells. After the first blood samples, volunteers were given StemEnhance or placebo.

Thereafter, blood samples were taken at 30, 60 and 120 minutes after taking the consumables. The number of circulating stem cells was quantified by analyzing the blood samples using Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS). Consumption of StemEnhance™ triggered a significant 25% increase in the number of circulating stem cells.

3. What is the recommended dose of StemEnhance?

One gram of StemEnhance™ triggers a significant 25-35% increase in the number of circulating stem cells. The effect lasts for a few hours. The
recommended dosage is therefore 2 capsules once or twice day, at least 6 hours apart.

4. Can StemEnhance deplete the bone marrow?

No, StemEnhance will not deplete the bone marrow. The bone marrow constantly produces stem cells for the entire life of an individual. Stem cells released by the bone marrow are responsible for the constant renewal of red blood cells and lymphocytes (immune cells). A 25-30% increase in the number of circulating stem cells is well within physiological range and does not constitute stress on the bone marrow environment.

The amount of active bone marrow amounts to about 2,600 g (5.7 lbs), with about 1.5 trillion marrow cells. A 25-30% increase in the number of circulating cells triggered by the consumption of 1 gram of StemEnhance corresponds to approximately 3 million cells, which is a small portion of the cells present in the bone marrow.

5. What happened to stem cells if they do not reach a tissue?

Stem cells that do not reach any tissue or become blood cells return to the bone marrow.

6. Can stem cells lead to aberrations such as cancer?

Only embryonic stem cells have been associated with the development of aberrant growth. Stem cells present in specialized tissues such as the intestinal mucosa may also play a role in the development of aberrant growth. But the cells released from the bone have not been associated with such problems.

7. Why do I need this product?

As you age, the number and quality of stem cells that circulate in your body gradually decrease, leaving your body more susceptible to injury and other age-related health challenges.

Just as antioxidants are important to protect your cells from "free radical" damage, stem cell enhancer's are equally important to support your stem cells in maintaining proper organ and tissue functioning in your body.

I am working with a dedicated team of professionals who will assist you in your quest for success. Visit the StemTech website and/or any of the informational links on my site, then contact me with your questions about the company, product, or myself. I will be more than happy to help you in any way that I can.

8. Why may StemEnhance be contraindicated for people on anticoagulant therapy?

One gram of StemEnhance contains roughly half of the recommended daily allowance in vitamin K. Vitamin K is an essential nutrient playing an important role in the process of blood coagulation. Hence, doctors often tell people to avoid vitamin K while being on anticoagulant therapy.

This being said, it is not so much the presence of vitamin K in the diet as much as the consistency in the daily intake. Therefore, the best approach is to discuss with your doctor your desire to take StemEnhance, that it contains vitamin K, and the anticoagulant prescription can be adjusted through careful monitoring of your condition by your doctor.

9. Is StemEnhance FDA approved?

No. FDA does not approve dietary supplements in the same way that FDA approves some drugs and medical devices. Nonetheless, FDA does regulate product quality, product safety, and product claims, and has authority to remove products from the market that are not safe or that make claims that are not substantiated by scientific evidence.

10. Is StemEnhance truly natural? Organic? Non-genetically modified? Farmed?

StemEnhance is made of two extracts from the aquatic botanicals Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). AFA grows naturally in a pristine lake of Southern Oregon, it is therefore wildcrafted, not farmed or manipulated in anyway, hence no genetic modification.

StemEnhance is produced by an Organic certified facility and is certified Organic.

Matt Gaines is a Charter Member of StemTech Health Sciences and assisted in the launch StemTech in 2005. Contact Matt Gaines concerning Stemtech or StemEnhance for more information by calling 606.545.5243 or visit for a Free Report on StemEnhance.


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