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Author:  Copyright Dennis Bartram 2008



Our world is shaped through the same forces from nature.


In China their study of nature is through the act of Feng Shui which is the interaction of Air - Wind which is Feng and Water which is Shui.


Structures take on shape as they form from the embryological beginnings by the action of their surrounding environmental elements.


For instance an oyster shell is shaped by the currents and pressures of the water above.


In nature when growth meets resistance coils or vortexes are formed.


This can be seen in a snails shell inside the human ear, the brains hemispheres or in the horns of a ram.


As the base of this development is a basic shape formed from the earliest cell division.




                                                                          Mitotis or cell division












                                    Then to 4


Front to back this basic shape forms into an octahedron or 4 quadrants front and back .  This shape occurs through nature and is exhibited in a snowflake or a light, which takes on the shape of a cone of part light, present and future light.


In ancient times doctors or Medicine men had limited or no knowledge of organ function and pathology.


Sea of Energy


Sea of Energy


Sea of Energy


Sea of Energy

Octahedral balance of body is in keeping

with symmetry of the universe







Rhin Encephalon

Controls Fight/flight

Spatial, balance and movement

8 Extra meridians or seas of energy feed into the organ/muscle meridian system

4 Quadrants

front and back

Natural movement played a big part in well being or health regimes.  This movement was balanced, symmetrical and multidirectional.  The ancients had knowledge that energy or Ki flowed in well established pathways around the body.  This study eventually became the acupuncture concepts so popular in the East.  As well as the meridian system the masters had knowledge of the energy fields or resevoirs that fed the meridian - organ - muscle system.  These resevoirs are arranged symmetrically around the body to feed energy into the meridians to make adaptions and promote healing.


To understand this concept further we need to study the body as an energy or liquid form that crystalises into its present shape through which we function.


Inside this shape or octohedran of energy of subtle energy is the substantial shape of the body.  With simpler organisms this concept can be seen at work.  In the case of salamanders, starfish and some crabs if they lose a limb they simply regenerate it.  This is simply because the lost limb represents a loss of its symmetrical octahedral pattern.  The subtle energy shape still remains and regeneration proceeds to establish balance.


Budo Movement Modelled Through


Science of Biotensegrity


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