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Symptoms of Hemorrhoids Explained in Plain English

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Author: Helen Moss

Knowing and understanding the symptoms of hemorrhoids, can help you to treat them and eliminate them more effectively. This article goes into detail about the symptoms that you should look out for.

An important thing to understand is that there are some very serious health conditions that display similar symptoms to piles, so it is advisable that if you are in any doubt whatsoever that you visit a medical professional and get checked out fully.

Some Common Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Rectal Bleeding: One of the first signs that many people notice that indicates they may be suffering from hemorrhoids, is blood on their toilet paper after they have been to the toilet. As well as being one of the first signs, it can also be one of the most disturbing signs for someone who has never experienced hemorrhoids before and doesn't know anything about them.

Bleeding is one of the most common signs of hemorrhoids and it is usually caused by irritation to the affected area. Most people find that the bleeding by alone is normally not very heavy. It is possible for both internal and external hemorrhoids to bleed. It is very important that if the bleeding lasts for a prolonged period of time, or is particularly heavy, that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Do not take it for granted that what you are suffering with is just hemorrhoids and that they will go away by themselves. Even if you have suffered with hemorrhoids before, make sure you see a doctor if any major changes occur.

Bumps on the anus: If you find you have bumps on your anus this can be a sign of external hemorrhoids. The effect of bumps is normally caused because veins in your anus have become filled with blood and have become swollen. To start off with the bump will probably be small, but if not seen to, they can become larger.

Pain: Hemorrhoids can be very painful and uncomfortable. You can help get rid of the pain by using various treatments that are available either over the counter or with the help of your doctor.

Itchiness: It is common for someone with hemorrhoids to experience itching around the affected area and anus. If you do experience these symptoms it will be necessary to use appropriate cleaning methods and treatments that can help to reduce the itching.

Less Common Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Severe Pain: Extreme pain can sometimes be the result of your hemorrhoids having become thrombosed. These are basically hemorrhoids where the blood has clotted and hardened. Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be extremely painful. However, there are natural remedies and remedies that can be prescribed by your doctor than can deal with them effectively.

Protrusions: These normally come about from prolapsed internal hemorrhoids and it may take drastic measures to deal with them.

Anal Seepage: Occasionally when hemorrhoids have become filled with blood the anal sphincter will fail to close as well as it should do, this can result in the seepage of waste from the anal region.

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