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Take note of common themes in the "what stands in your way" column.

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Author: phillip skinner

Who should take this quiz? Originally developed for human service professionals, this quiz speaks to anyone who serves others — whether as a family member, volunteer, or service professional. In addition to parents, this readily includes health care professionals, veterinarians, human service professionals, clergy, and the volunteers and staff who direct and support our non-profit organizations. If you are a family member or volunteer, simply disregard any of the "professional environment" questions that don't apply in your situation. 
Introduction: As providers of caring service to other living beings, we have many opportunities and a few challenges. One of the challenges we face is to find the balance between giving to others and caring for ourselves. We sometimes find that the boundary between being "compassionately generous" and "oops - I gave too much" is difficult to negotiate.

Instructions: The purpose of this quiz is to alert the participant to potential areas where self-care may be overlooked. Mark one point per question, either under "doing well" or "need attention." In the 3rd column, note "what stands in your way" for any area that needs your attention. Your answers might sound something like this: too busy; don't have the money; they rely on me; I don't have time to deal with it; I'm tired; I'm STRESSED OUT; etc.

Tech note: At this time, you will not be able to fill out this form online. Just tally your columns on some scrap paper (oh, the low-techness of it all). It's easy if you use the "tick" system. Or print out the paper-and-pencil version.

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