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Teeth Whitening: 4 Reasons To Avoid Teeth Whitening Strips

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Author: Mark M Morris

A teeth whitening process is often used by people who are habitual of leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Teeth whitening procedures are also considered to be the most effective means of maintaining the true color of your teeth. When the need of the hour is to whiten teeth while remaining in the safe confines of your personal domain, you need to try and choose the best available product. In simple words, in order to whiten your teeth from home, you need to make an effort and choose a product which is easy to apply and good to use. Taking cue from the above statement, let us now discuss 4 main reasons why you should avoid the use of teeth whitening strips.

They Are Of A Poor Quality

One of the biggest disadvantages of opting for a teeth whitening strip is their poor quality. Strips have always been used to whiten teeth from home. A strip, as the name well suggests, makes use of a plastic brace. This brace is filled with a liquid adhesive, which in turn needs to be filled to the hilt and then inserted on top of the tooth. The brace then needs to be placed on top of your tooth for hours. One of the major drawbacks is the quality of the adhesive. The whitener, which is used to polish your tooth, is not of a good quality. One of the main reasons behind this phenomenon is the mass production of this product. Owing to the mass production, the quality of the product is said to suffer.

They Take A Lot Of Time

The second biggest disadvantage of using a whitening strip is the wastage of time. As compared to other products, a teeth whitening strip is often time consuming in nature. You need to attach the strip to your tooth and then leave it on for a couple of hours. Apart from taking up a lot of your precious time, the procedure is also considerably uncomfortable. The end user would have to carry the strips for a long period of time and this can cause great discomfort to the jaws of the individual. At the same time, you cannot eat food. Likewise, you can simply have an occasional drink. There have been instances wherein people have complained that they had to use the artificial braces for days in order to get the desired results.

The Results Are Not Very Positive

One of the biggest disadvantages of using a strip is the result. It has often been noticed that an individual has suffered terribly by holding the strips in his/her mouth for hours at a stretch. Despite this effort, the tooth has failed to whiten in the correct manner. Owing to the poor quality of the whitening liquid which is used in a strip, individuals may often come across instances wherein half their tooth is bleached white while the other half is still yellow. This looks very ugly.

You Cannot Travel

Another big disadvantage which is linked to the traditional strip is the mobility factor. If you aspire to whiten teeth through a strip, you can be rest assured that after its application, you are home bound for a couple of hours. You can step out but you need to decide whether you are actually comfortable walking out in a brace or not. More often than not, people prefer staying indoors. Hence, if you are choosing to whiten your teeth through a strip, you need to be very sure that you have nothing important to do-at least not for the next couple of hours.

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