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Teeth Whitening: The Top 3 Home Teeth Whitening Products

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Author: Mark M Morris

A teeth whitening procedure is often looked on as an effective means of trying to maintain the original color of your teeth. While we often use various teeth whitening procedures, there is never a day wherein we feel confused with the wide variety of offers. In simple words, in order to whiten teeth, you often need to consider various products before finalizing on a particular brand. Although most techniques are effective and can be tried at home, you need to be fairly clear as to which technique is going to work best for your denture. Taking cue from the above statement, let us now discuss the top three methods, which can be used to whiten your teeth from home.

Whiten Teeth Through Teeth Whitening Strips

One of the most prominent methods of trying to remove those unnecessary stains from your tooth is through the means of whitening strips. You may order a packet of strips through the means of an online store and have them delivered to your doorstep. There are various companies which manufacture cleansing strips and Colgate is one of them. The application procedure is also fairly simple. You take a strip and attach it to your tooth. The strip is made of plastic and it is filled with whitening adhesives. All you are required to do is to attach the strip onto your tooth and allow the oxidizing agent to do its job. The entire procedure usually takes a few hours to accomplish. Till the time your teeth are not whitened, you would be required to place the strips on your tooth. Even after the application, owing to the poor quality of the adhesives, your tooth may remain yellow. Hence, it is not a very good method.

Whiten Your Teeth Through Teeth Whitening Gels

The second most effective and widely used technique of removing tea stains from your tooth is by opting to use a whitening gel. Just as you order a strip from an online store, you can easily get a gel through a website as well. Once the gel is in your hands, you simply empty its contents in a special brace. The brace, which is now filled with the oxidizing gel, is then attached to your denture. The biggest disadvantage of using a gel is the time constraint. You need to keep applying the braces till the time you are not satisfied with the results. I applied a brace filled with the oxidizing gel for 7 days. The process involves the application of a brace for a few hours each day, and hence, it can be very irritating for the end user.

Whiten Teeth Through A Teeth Whitening Swab

The third procedure is a cleansing swab. This is perhaps the most effective and the most widely used product to whiten your teeth. This simple procedure is available in the form of a kit. These kits are available through an online store. You simply snap the cleansing swab in two and dip it inside the whitening powder. The whitening powder is also available as a part of the kit. The swabs have a special liquid, which has sensors that absorb the right quantity of powder from the jar. Hence, there is no need for a measurement and there is also no wastage as well. Thereafter, you simply rub the swab over your stained tooth and watch the stain disappear in a matter of seconds. The entire process, which hardy takes more than a few seconds, also removes your plaque and tartar build up. No wonder, it is the most effective means of cleaning your teeth from home.

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