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The 3 Biggest Methods of Weight Loss Explained

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Author: Robert Kokoska

There are 3 main ways that people can lose weight. These can be divided into even smaller groups, but essentially they are exercise, lifestyle and diet. You can use any of these to successfully lose weight but ideally, you would want to use all 3 to burn the most amount of fat in the shortest amount of time. We will now look into each one and how it effects weight loss.


It's going to sound a bit like old news to you, but exercising is a really big and important part of weight loss, by burning up stored calories and boosting your metabolism. Most people already know that cardiovascular exercise such as bike riding, rowing and aerobics are all great for losing weight, but there's actually another type of exercise that is far more powerful and burns lots more fat in the same amount of time. It's called weight training.

This can seem like a scary word to most women, as they are quite hesitant to undertake any exercise regimen that will lead to muscle growth. They see pictures of bulging muscles and giant visible veins in their heads. This is actually a very common misconception. Unless you do it every day and take all the required supplements, you are not going to get massive.

There's an old saying that a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat and it's true, because the more muscle you have on your body, the more calories you will burn throughout the day even if you don't do anything else differently.


The day-to-day habits that we would call our lifestyle can actually have a strong impact on our body weight. Obviously, the busier our lives, the more calories we will end up burning, but then there are the small things that all add up and can help you shed those extra few pounds.

One mistake dieters make is by staying away from the really high calorie foods at a meal but then following it up with a glass or two of wine. This practice has been shown to encourage over-eating. Most alcoholic drinks are also loaded with calories and have just as much as some soft drinks.

The next habit is sleep. Some of us don't actually have that much control over the mount of sleep we get. Things such as family, work, house-keeping and other tasks can prevent us from getting the required amount of sleep that we need. Experts have shown that sleep can actually improve your metabolism. This is shown by the fact that sleep-deprived people have a slower metabolism because they don't have the strength to break down food efficiently, carbohydrates in particular.


The biggest mistake people make with their diets is to cut the amount of calories they consume by too great a number.
If you were to suddenly decrease the amount of calories you eat, your body will respond by becoming more efficient and by slowing down the metabolism so that it burns less calories overall.

If you needed say, 1500 calories a day to function properly and you were to suddenly only give it 1000, it wouldn't begin to burn off that 500 calorie deficit from the fat laying around on your thighs or belly, it would actually try to adjust itself to only need 1000 calories or it might start to burn off muscle mass.

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