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The 3 Easy Steps to Having Vibrant, Acne-Free Skin in Summer

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Author: Wong Darren

Coming summer would not be complete without fun in the sun, and of course, wonderful, acne-free skin. While some people think that direct radiation from the sun does well to acne-ridden skin, the truth is actually the opposite. Not only would the exposure be useless for the purpose of treating the skin condition, but you would be increasing permanent damage on the skin due to the radiation.

The 3 Steps to Radiant Skin

The following recommendations were meant as preventive measures to keep the acne from appearing during the hotter months of the year. Depending on your skin type and the region you come from, you may adjust the recommendations more or less to suit your unique environment conditions and needs.

1. If you live in areas that have plenty of mosquitoes and other flying, biting bugs, you may use insect repellants to keep them off your arms, neck and face. Some mild insect repellants contain herbal repellants such as mosquito tree extracts to keep away the most common bugs. Always remember to apply only small, adequate amounts. Avoid applying on areas that are extra sensitive or else irritation would surely occur.

For the summer months when the bugs are in full attendance, avoid spraying on strong perfumes as these might attract the bugs themselves. Always keep in mind to wash off the repellants you use everyday. Residues might cause irritation in the future, if not immediately.

2. If you think you have sensitive skin, then don't allow your face to run over with perspiration during the hot summer months. It is a fact that breakouts of acne vulgaris increase during the hottest months of the year because the skin is more prone to increased perspiration, and therefore, oil production.

Because the skin is exposed to more heat, the skin would require more natural moisture - in the form of sebum or oil. The sebum is what makes that whole thing go boom - more sebum means more chances of clogged pores and inflamed sebaceous glands.

Keep a light towel handy to keep your face dry during the summer months. Wash your face often, if only to draw away the extra oil spreading well beyond the T-region of the face. You don't have to use cleansers at all - simple soap is more appropriate. Remember also to pat dry, not rub dry.

3. Adult acne is primarily the effect of not taking good care of your skin. If hormones are no longer to blame for the acne, then something else has replaced it. Stress, pollution and a general disregard for the cleanliness of the face, all these can lead to adult acne, which is more difficult to treat.

If you are aware that you have excessive oil production, then you can help the skin on your face to recover. You simply have to be conscientious enough in washing your face lightly in the morning and before going to sleep. Use oil-free and mild makeup removers if you are still using makeup even if you have acne. As much as possible, avoid using light application brushes as these tend to irritate already tender and thin skin.

Darren is an online medical researcher and webmaster of and Featured article: "Smoking and Alcohol Consumption - Do they Really Aggravate Acne?". Also, don't forget to download your 70-page acne ebook for FREE.


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