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The Benefits of Natural Colon-Cleansing Foods

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Author: Wong Darren

Colon cleansing is often a question of what is in your daily diet. Specifically, what kinds of food you are regularly eating and what foods you are skipping.

Colon cleansing methods

There are three main ways that you can cleanse your colon:

1. The first method involves a change in your diet, to literally "eat your way" to a healthier and cleaner colon.

2. The second method involves the use of chemicals to induce frequent elimination of feces. Synthetic and organic laxatives fall into this particular category.

3. The third method involves the use of manual douches or computerized hydrotherapy machines to draw out waste from the colon.

While laxatives and hydrotherapy are viable options, the first method is effective as well. For people who do not have enough time to go to salons or colonic clinics, a change in diet will work just as well.

The changes in your daily diet will involve both the addition of certain food types and the elimination of some bad ones.

Dangers of an un-cleansed colon

In many instances, colons that have remained impacted with waste through the decades are more prone to cancer and polyps.

Physiological maladies are also connected to toxic colons that have remained acidic for decades. Colon cleansing restores the balance in the human colon and allows for probiotic diets and supplements to work more efficiently when introduced to the digestive tract.

Bowel movement is also subdued when the colon has problems. Blockages are common. While most of these blockages are benign or are simply due to indigestible material, they still inhibit normal elimination.

The steps to a healthier colon

1. The first step is to consume increased amounts of water. Water is absolutely vital to every body process. Digestion and distribution of nutrients are just two of the most important. Blood volume and skin suppleness are also dependent on the amount of water you consume.

2. If you can, consume only organic vegetables and fruits. These might be more expensive, but at least you are not consuming the chemical residues like fertilizers and herbicides.

3. Sugars and heavy animal fats should be eliminated altogether. Other healthier energy sources are widely available. Switch your corn chips with boiled potatoes and see the difference.

4. If you like cooking, use aromatic herbs. Aromatic herbs allow you to season minus the salt. Certain herbs help cleans the colon as well. Basil for example, has been known to help improve digestion. Parsley has a high vitamin C content, which improves blood circulation and protects the lungs too.

5. Unfortunately, alcoholic beverages and coffee products should be eliminated as well. This is in line with detoxifying the body and giving the liver some rest.

6. Animal products, both land-based and aquatic should be minimized if you are detoxifying for a particular period of time. For some reason the human body has to work extra hard to digest animal proteins.

A fruit monodiet would be a great way to give all your organs some much-deserved rest. But remember, it is harmful to eat just one type of fruit for more than three days.

Wong Darren is an online medical researcher and webmaster of Visit site for more useful articles: "3 Benefits of Colon Cleansing" and "6 Tips to Overcome Colon Cleansing Side Effects".


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