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The Calorie Shifting Diet Menu

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Author: Seomul Evans

If you want to lose weight easily, then try the calorie shifting diet menu. Unlike other diets, this one recommends four meals a day, which causes your system to burn fat throughout the day. This is what makes this diet different from others; food is not the enemy!

The menu, or list of foods you can eat on this, or any, diet, is the reason behind its effectiveness. You don't want to be depressed because of the foods you can't eat, or by too low a calorie intake. When you feel like that, it stands to reason you are not likely to stay on that diet long enough to achieve your target weight. To be sure that you can stick with the diet you select, first do a bit of research, and ensure that the one you pick is one you will be happy with. That way you are much more likely to stick with it. Your chosen diet should also allow you some form of treats, in the form of foods you enjoy, because if you have to be without these for any length of time, then you are likely to give up on that diet.

The calorie shifting diet menu fulfills all these criteria. You may well not have heard of this diet before. It gets its name because that's what it actually does: it shifts calories which you ingest during the day and causes your system to lose weight by achieving maximum fat burning. Since you eat four meals a day, with no portion limitations, on this diet you don't feel hungry. You allow yourself to be guided by your body when it comes to how much you eat, stopping eating when you are nearly full. You are not guided by a calorie count, but by your body's feeling of satisfaction.

As with any diet, it will also help if you include exercise in your weight loss program under the calorie shifting diet menu, however you can still lose weight without it. Exercise, which works well with the calorie shifting diet menu is something light to moderate, such as fast walking. What you want is something which does not make you feel out of breath, whilst still raising your heart rate.

As well as being able to eat all kinds of tasty foods when you are one this diet, all of your foods can be easily bought from wherever you usually buy your groceries, and you don't have the expense of ready made meals. All of this helps to make your diet an easy one to use and to stick with. Create your calorie shifting diet menu meals by using an online diet generator. There are two lists of foods, one type containing carb calorie foods, and the other protein calorie foods. Select items from these lists and your meals are created for you, in a menu which covers eleven days.

This menu allows for your four meals a day, all using the foods you selected. You don't have to consume the meals in any particular order or ensure you eat everything on the list. This means you have plenty of variety in the foods you eat, as well as a lot of personal selection.

After you have eaten your eleven days of meals, you then have three days of eating whatever you want - if you're craving chocolate, you can eat it! If you want to stop your diet altogether, you can do so now, or you can start again on another set of meals for eleven days, until you have reached your desired weight.

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