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The Great Global Warming Scam.

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Author: phillip skinner

Hi phillip,

I, like many others, actually believed the
publicity about human CO2 production
and global warming simply because I'd
never studied it. Now I know that my trust
was simply being abused for political ends.

Just before I send you the link for the
british made television documentary
series which exposes everything and
shows what is really going on, I want
to list the salient points for you:

Global warming and cooling is
something that has been going on for
ever! The geological record shows
constant changes.

This current warming started in the
19th century - long before mankind
had significant industry and over 100
years before the automobile became

Industrial activity rose dramatically
from 1940 to 1974. In this period, the
temperature fell.

The oil crisis lead to large scale
reductions in man made CO2. From
1975 the temperature began once again
to rise.

The last two warm periods (both much
warmer than now) were the Bronze Age
and the early mediaeval period. Both
times of greatly increased prosperity.

The "mathematical difficulty" which
Al Gore mentions in his portrayal of
global warming statistics from the
Greenland ice cores is that the CO2
rose each time 600 to 800 years after
the temperature rose. This is because
almost all atmospheric CO2 comes
from the oceans and they take a long
time to warm up.

CO2 forms a tiny, tiny proportion of all
atmospheric gases. The amount produced
by humanity is almost unmeasurably small
- the farts of animals produce many times

Human made global warming was
latched on to as the justification for
increasing nuclear power and by
"Luddite" extremists to further their
political aims.

None of it has anything to do with reality.

Here's the link:


Global warming may, in fact, not be
happening at all!
Take a look at this:

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3309910462407994295Warmest regards
Karma Singh
Harmony Energy Consultants Ltd.
127 St. Paul's
W5 3JY
Tel: 0844-5553191 (U.K.)
415-315-9497 (N. America)
Skype: karmaharmony

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