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The Heart Test will show you the source of the problems in your life.

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Author: phillip skinner

Welcome to the Heart Issues Test!


We believe this may be the most important 10 minutes you have spent in a long time.




Because information is power!


In this case, it is the personal power of knowing the source of the biggest problems of your life—and their solutions.


The Heart Issues Test is NOT:


            A diagnostic test for physical health issues


            A personality assessment


            A depression, anxiety, or mental health instrument


            A career or giftings survey


            A relationship tool


The Heart Issues Test IS:


A tool to diagnose the issues of your spiritual and emotional heart – the source of your problems and their solution!


To our knowledge, it is the only test of its kind in existence.


We believe, from our testing and feedback, that it diagnoses not only the issues you know about, but also the ones you don’t know about.


A woman who took the test told me that it pinpointed the source of her life-long problem – and identified something she would never have thought was the source. In years of seeking and counseling, no one else had ever identified the source. She remarked that it was such a relief just to know a reason – and she was now confident she could heal the problem.


Why do we believe this Heart Issues Test may be the most important test you have ever taken?


Because more than 3000 years ago, King Solomon said this: “Guard your heart above EVERYTHING else, for from it flow [all] the issues of life.”


So according to Solomon, any issue you have has its source – and potential source for healing – in the heart.


Recently, modern medical schools and experts have been doing independent research and finding that almost any problem and its solution are in the issues of the heart. They are calling the issues of the heart:


            Unconscious mind


            Subconscious mind








            Cellular Memories


For instance, a Stanford Medical School Ph.D. and researcher wrote that our heart issues (he identifies them as our beliefs) are the source of almost 100% of illness and disease, and if you heal the heart issue even genetic issues can heal.


Similarly, a medical school in Dallas recently reported research that healing the issues of the heart (they identify them as cellular memories) is our best hope for healing incurable illness and disease in the future.


And similar research is coming out faster than we can keep track of it.


If you compare what Solomon was calling “issues of the heart” with what these cutting edge scientists are discovering – THEY ARE THE SAME THING!


So, modern science is catching up with and confirming ancient truth!


These “issues of the heart” are what the Heart Issues Test is all about!


The Test takes about 10 minutes.


You receive around 12 pages of in-depth results.


Your results include a scored assessment of every major heart issue in your life. 


For now, it’s FREE ($99 value).


You may want to take the Heart Issues Test to determine your baseline for issues you need to heal, then re-take it later on to track your improvement – FOR FREE.


You can share it with your friends – FOR FREE!


Click the button below and start the journey of the Heart!




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