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The One Thing You Must Do If You Want to Lose Weight

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Author: Christopher Fox

When it comes to losing weight the goal can seem insurmountable. There are so many different factors to consider that you can sometimes freeze up and not know where to start. All top often this leads to failure before you even get started. To overcome this self sabotage you have to understand the one thing you must do if you want to lose weight. That one thing is to make a commitment. Seriously make a commitment.

Making a commitment to lose weight does not just mean to say casually that you are going to try and lose some weight. No saying you are going to try at something is giving yourself an out. If you say you will try then of course if you fail then it is ok because you said you were just going to try. You did not say you were going to do the thing for sure. Just that you would try is all you stated. Making a commitment means saying you ARE going to do this thing. Make a commitment to losing weight.

One way to strengthen this commitment is to be held accountable. This means you are going to announce your intentions to someone. A magical thing happens when you state your intentions publically. All of the sudden the goal becomes more serious. Now your reputation is on the line. You stated you were going to do this thing and now if you do not someone is going to know! This alone can strengthen your resolve to see it through no matter how challenging it might become.

Making a solid commitment does not mean that there will be no setbacks. As a matter of fact one piece to making this commitment is to forgive yourself of setbacks. Having the commitment means that you can overcome these temporary challenges. It does not mean that they do not happen. When setbacks occur do not let them discourage you. Use your level of resolve to put the setbacks behind you as quickly as possible and move forward with your goal of losing weight.

Also keep in mind that having a strong commitment to losing weight means that you are going to work each day towards the goal. It does not mean that you are going to reach the goal faster than anyone else. You are not trying to set a new speed record. On the contrary a little work each day goes much farther than trying to get everything done at once. Stay committed and work constantly towards your goal and before you know it you will find staying committed becoming easier than ever before. The ease of staying on course is the mark of true commitment.

Starting a challenging goal like losing weight can sometimes feel like trying to scale a huge mountain. Making a solid commitment can be the one key you need to climb that mountain. Be sure to make a real commitment, be held accountable, forgive the setbacks, and work steadily and you might be surprised at the success you have. author Christopher Fox offers honest reviews of the top diet and fitness programs. Visit for the whole story on the top diet and fitness programs that get proven results.


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