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The South Beach Diet - Is it Right For You?

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Author: Kel. Purden

Overweight? Already hate your double chin and annoying abs? You might be planning what dietary plan you can take to get over your weight and size problems and the South Beach diet poses great possibilities. The testimonials say it works, it is safe and healthy. However, the testimonials are not enough basis to commit to it. First you must answer the question: is it right for you? Am I qualified for this type of diet?

Hopefully, the following article will help you decide what diet plan best suits you and your lifestyle.

South Beach Diet pros and cons

The South Beach diet was developed in Miami Florida by a cardiologist named Dr Arthur Agatson. He based his South Beach food list to the requirements of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases as well as those who are possible to develop Diabetes which is also related to certain heart conditions. It comes in three phases: Phase is a two-week diet where carbohydrates and fats are eliminated - no rice, pasta, bread, cereal, meats and potatoes. The intention is acclimatize the body to such foods. In the second phase, the person is allowed to take very minimal amount of the foods restricted in phase I. As much as possible, carbohydrate content should be calculated up to 75 grams. Phase III serve as the maintenance stage which is meant to last for a long time since the body, by this time, should have adjusted to it.

In relation to this, the South Beach diet recommends less to no bad fats and bad carbohydrates consumption as these aggravate the disease. Naturally, because the body is rid of carbohydrates and fats, the outcome would be a better figure and better health condition at the same time.

As we all know, carbohydrates play a major role in the body metabolism and production of energy. With less amount of it in our body, the effect could be weaker muscles and senses and lack of vigor. This goes to say that South Beach diet is not the best for people who are always on the go. It is instead ideal for those who require minimal force in their jobs.

On the other hand, you can have a weight loss diet without depriving yourself of the carbohydrates you need. The Fat Loss For Idiots will tell another different thing for a cheapest offer online. The good news is that you can achieve better figure in just 11 days of eating delicious, safe, and healthy foods. The bonus is that despite that you are on diet, you do not need to monitor your calorie or carb intake, calculate body sizes, or take down notes. Fat Loss For Idiots reveals the easiest and fastest way to reduce weight without compromising your health, your work, and you life.

This is very contrary to what the South Beach diet dictates. While it is more strict, Fat Loss For Idiots is easier and lighter not only in the pocket but also in the body.

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