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Tony Horton P90X Review

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Author: Brandi Yates

Power 90 or P90x is a set of DVDs designed for those who want to be fit and build their muscles. The product claims that your body will transform from regular to ripped in only 90 days. The package contains twelve workouts led by the professional trainer named Tony Horton.

Aside from the DVDs, people who purchase the P90X will also receive a comprehensive nutrition plan, supplement options, a fitness guide, online peer support, a calendar to help keep track of the activities that will head to the body's development and a lot more. With so many advantages, the main question should be: how effective is the P90x?

There are already several people who have tried this product, and each of them has given a positive testimonial about its benefits. Customers loved the P90x, and definitely believed that the product is in line with its infomercial. They felt that there no exaggeration has been made about the DVDs effectiveness and the accompanying guides delivered what was promised.

The workouts include stretching and the core plyometrics which are provided in a clear and straightforward manner. The workouts are designed to be difficult and build endurance. Each one lasts for about an hour, and came with engaging, yet non-clichéd pep talks.

Tony Horton presents a positive approach to his workout sessions with modesty and humor one of the hallmarks of the Horton workout session. The workouts are divided into segments, each matched with a progress bar on the screen that enables individuals to adjust the pace of the workout to meet their needs and level of fitness.

The P90x is ideal for both men and women and uses a technique called "Muscle Confusion." This method requires the performing new moves which eventually speeds up the results. The people who have used this product agree that P90x absolutely works. However, this is not intended for couch potatoes, but for those people who are dedicated to being fit. This is also useful for those who are already in a good shape, yet want to take their fitness to the next level.

Customers are amazed with the various ways possible to get more slender, gain muscle and become more sexy in a matter of 90 days. P90x focuses on all the fitness needs of an individual and not just the strength or flexibility like so many other workout videos or programs provide. For the first three workout weeks, Tony Horton emphasizes strength training followed by cardio exercises. Later, stretching is added, and the routines are given concisely and clearly complementing the thorough guide.

The first thing that people think about before purchasing this P90x is what will happen after following the instructions given in the manual and video. The answer to that question can be seen after 90 days. Not only do the customers gain muscle mass and fit abs, but they also get a healthier heart. Exercising is one way to keep from acquiring cardiovascular diseases and with the help of the P90x program, people gain confidence in their own body as their health improves.

Individuals who are beginners as well as those who are fans of effective workouts, will love the P90x and think it is perfect for them. You will, too. Try it now and you will be surprised with the results!

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