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Top 10 Reasons to Eat 5 or 6 Meals Per Day

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Author: Jim Robertson

It may sound like the latest diet fad, but it's anything but that. The new science of losing weight has hit the streets, and it flies in the face of everything our mothers taught us about three square meals a day. Because when it comes to healthy eating, especially eating with a view toward losing weight, the news is in: the best route to that goal is through the speeding up on one's metabolism, rather than a focus on calorie reduction. Because metabolism embraces both sides of the calories equation - reducing what comes in, and increasing the rate at which we burn what comes in. Here's the skinny on how to become skinny doing it this way:

10. Focus on quality, not quantity. The concept doesn't advocate hunger through calorie deprivation, but rather, nutrition through constant nutrition. You'll never get overly hungry, which means your cravings for sweets and desserts will be easily conquered.

9. Your digestive system will always be working. This is a good thing, because digestion burns calories, and burning calories is the stuff of metabolism.

8. A reduction in cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who eat five or six smaller, high quality meals per day have overall lower cholesterol levels than those who eat three healthy meals per day. This, too, is a metabolism issue, as the body more efficiently processes the fatty acids that would otherwise clog the arteries.

7. No more hunger. With this approach you're eating constantly. You only have to wait two or three hours until your next meal.

6. Fast food is good food. No, we're not talking burgers and pizza. But with this approach a balanced meal replacement bar or a protein shake can substitute for a meal without compromising quality or schedule.

5. Better health through bio-chemistry. Because the food involved with this approach is balanced and nutritious, and arrives in manageable quantities, your body can more easily optimize levels of electrolytes and nutritional substances on an even and consistent basis.

4. Better health through digestion. No more empty stomach aches, no more over-eating stomach aches, no more clogged bowel syndrome.

3. Optimized insulin levels. Blood sugar is the one element that directly affects how we feel more than any other. Eating more often cuts down on the highs and lows of blood sugar and the resulting glucose levels that determine how we feel.

2. Anti-aging. When we eat more, we tend to drink more fluids, which is good for the skin and the overall prevention of aging effects.

And the number one reason to eat five or six meals per day is…

1. Well being. The summary effect of this approach to eating embraces all aspects of how we feel and how we look. Our muscles have a constant flow of healthy energy, so we feel better. We are better able to manage our weight because our metabolism is high and thriving, munching calories faster than we can shovel them in. Our bio-chemistry is percolating along according to designer specs, which means our organs are happy and our digestive system runs like a top.

As the youngsters are saying these days, it's all good. Whatever your health reasons for eating five or six meals per day instead of the traditional three, whether it be for weight loss or metabolism-boosting or simply to feel better, your goal is more reachable and enduring because of it.

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