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Top 3 Common Misconceptions About Fat Burning

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Author: Stewart C

Many people want to lose weight but only a few succeed. This is particularly because of the fact that there are many people who do not understand how fat burning really happens. As a result, they usually turn to common myths on weight loss. Unfortunately, these "myths" do not work and the people who relied on these myths end up unhealthy. Therefore, before engaging in any kind of weight loss activity, experts suggest that people should first try to understand the basics of how fat is burned. Furthermore, they should know which common knowledge on Fat Burning is just a myth.

Myth 1: Believing in the "Metabolic Type"

According to "The Metabolic Typing Diet" which was propagated by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey, there are three metabolic types. Metabolic types refer to a specific set of metabolic characteristics that an individual can possess. They recommend that if people want to reduce their weight and burn fat, they should learn how to manipulate their dietary choices and modify their metabolic processes. Thus, people who want to lose weight should examine their dietary choices, have blood tests, and determine which metabolic type they possess.

However, it should be noted that although our genes really play an important role in determining our level of metabolic process, there is really no evidence that our genes are the only factor that determines our physical function. Furthermore, classifying the physical functions of people into three stringent metabolic types is quite limiting. It should be eminent that the body's overall functioning is also affected by the behavior and the habits of the person.

Myth 2: To lose weight, don't eat foods that are rich in carbohydrate

This is the culprit behind the low-carb diet fab. Although carbohydrates really turn into fat and glucose, it should be noted that the body needs these components in order to function properly. Without fat and glucose, the body will not have any energy to burn. Also, fat from the carbohydrate-rich foods will only turn into stored fat if a person overeats. So, again, the major culprit is not the fact that the person consumed carbohydrates. Instead, the problem stems from the fact that the person consumed more than what his body needs. Moreover, it should be kept in mind that all of the fat that's stored in the body can be burned if the person will just engage in increased levels of physical activities.

Myth 3: To Burn more fat, exercise on an empty stomach

When you exercise this way, you will really burn more of your stored fat because the body will not have enough supply of glucose in your blood. However, take note of the fact that after you exercise, you will definitely end up eating a very large meal. Moreover, as you eat heavily, you body will not be able to burn that much fat as it used to. This is because it will attempt to replenish and store more glucose in your blood and liver.

Also, take note that if you skip your breakfast, you will not be able to maintain your normal blood sugar levels. When your glucose level is not in balance, you will end up having food cravings all throughout the day. As such, you will be compelled to eat more and consume more calorie than what you actually burned during your work-out. You should also bear in mind that you need glucose for you exercise.

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