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Two Quit Smoking Plans That Will Work For You

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Author: Barry Martin & Jan Turner

A Quit Smoking Plan That Will Work For You
By Barry Martin

In my business, I have found that most people trying to quit smoking just can't stay on a program. It's difficult to change your daily routine, especially if it triggers your smoking habit. And, because of the addiction to nicotine, it's even more difficult to quit smoking. So, what can you do to finally quit smoking?

You Must Have a Date Set to Quit Smoking

Unless you actually set a real date to stop smoking, nothing will matter. Most people just keep pushing off this date and one of the reasons is they never really commit to any real date. It needs to be written down and even signed. Make it, set it and believe in it.

Get Yourself Ready

Now that your date is set (you did do that, right?) it is time to get yourself physically ready to quit smoking. Begin by getting used to drinking plenty of water. Get your sleep patterns set. Get a checkup with your physician (always a good idea) to see if there are any complications you need to address. Watch what you eat, too, and keep a healthy diet. You are doing this now, before you really begin, so that you are not doing all of this and quitting smoking at the same time!

If You Need Help... Get it!

There are local support groups, online forums... perhaps, you have a friend or relative who quit smoking for good. Refer back to these resources during your stop smoking program to keep you motivated and on track. Most people try to blaze a new trail while quitting smoking. Don't be a maverick; get help from people who have already created that path for you.

You Are On Your Way To Becoming Smoke-Free!

Before you begin, do a "search-and-destroy" mission and get rid of all cigarettes, matches, lighters and any smoking-related accouterments. (Look in drawers, coat pockets, old purses, etc., too!) Do a load of laundry to get rid of the smoking smell in your clothing. Clean out your car and spray it with a nice fabric freshener. Keep drinking your water, too, as you need to flush your system of all the toxins you have in your body by smoking. Drinking orange juice, too, has shown to reduce nicotine cravings by more than 50%!

Set your date, get yourself ready to quit smoking, find the necessary help and support you may need and be determined to succeed. You can beat this. You can quit smoking!

As an expert in smoking cessation and quit smoking programs, Barry Martin personally helped hundreds and HUNDREDS of his clients end their addiction to nicotine with cigarettes.

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While the nicotine residue IS out of your body in approximately four days, I’m not suggesting that there is not damage already done. That remains to be seen and dealt with. But how much better a shot that your body will have in coping with its impairment when you are smoke free. In a short time, you will feel better. In a few years, much damage (if there is any) can be reversed. Nothing stays the same, everything is in a state of flux – cells break down AND rebuild as long as we live. Now there’s a thought that might be worth thinking about!

During the first week or so, take lots of vitamin C, a minimum of 1000 IE daily. This helps to counteract stress as does taking a stress formula B-complex. Please remember my non-medical status, hence I am not diagnosing or offering a promise of cure for anything – but merely ‘sharing with you what worked for me and others.’ Your stomach may feel like it is ripping apart so take care of it – it’ll be sour. Do what you know how to do for a sour stomach. Though they are only placebo, antacids seem to help you get through. Aloe vera juice would be my preference, but to each his own. Please drink lots of water, perhaps eight to ten full glasses daily. You are detoxing the body and it could use a little help.


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