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Use an Aspirin Mask to Exfoliate and Enhance Your Skin's Natural Radiance

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Author: Amy Chen

Facial scrubs and masks are ridiculously expensive these days, and you barely get any for the price that you pay. Instead of throwing away money on them, make your own!

The aspirin mask both exfoliates your skin and heals blemishes and scars. I've had a few acne scars on my cheeks that haven't healed from any of the expensive masks, and this took care of them within a few days!

First, you'll need a container of aspirin. Make sure it's uncoated aspirin (it will be matte finished and white colored), because coated aspirin doesn't work for this. You'll also need some way to grind the aspirin up. I use a small kitchen grinder for this, but you can use a blender too.

Dump the uncoated aspirin into the grinder, cap it off, and let it grind down to a fine powder. You don't want any big chunks here, because they'll just fall off. Keep grinding until it's uniformly thin. It'll need to be fine, because you'll be adding water to it to create a paste.

After it's ground to a powder, I put the aspirin right back into its container and set it next to the sink. When you need to use it, pour a little into your hand. Add a bit of water and rub your hands together to moisten the aspirin.

Gently apply the damp powdered aspirin to your face, rubbing softly. You don't want to dig the aspirin into your face, you just want an even coating of it. I apply enough around my entire face so that you can't see much skin underneath it. If you apply too much, you'll just be wasting it and making a fine dust of aspirin as it dries, but too little won't really do anything.

Let it sit on your face for about ten minutes. It'll start to feel really dry and flaky after a while. Once that's done, simply rinse it off your face, and you're done! You'll immediately notice that your skin feels cleaner and less oily. I have very oily skin, and this mask completely removes the surface oil from my face.

If you feel that you need the extra edge, I've mixed a small dab of honey and a splash of extra virgin olive oil to the whole thing to moisturize the skin while it's being exfoliated and cleansed, but I find that it adds too much expense to what is supposed to be a very cheap facial mask.

I apply facial moisturizer after the mask to make sure that my skin doesn't dry out too much. I don't need to apply any other sort of facial creams or anything because the mask takes care of everything for me.

Your face feels refreshed and clean, and your wallet isn't completely empty for it. I use the aspirin mask every other day, and I don't have any problems with acne at all! Just remember to keep the powdered aspirin capped off, since it gets chunky from absorbing moisture if you leave it open for too long.

Amy writes for Asian Beauty Blog, a free makeup website that includes a makeup forum and a section for skin care tips like this article. Visit Asian Beauty Blog today at http://www.asianbeautyblog.com for more great cosmetics tips!


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