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Using NLP to Stop That Critic inside Your Head

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Author: Shezz P ... by Phillip Skinner


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That was a great talk back you heard yourself thinking to your selrf the other day? ... and it really touch on some issues that might have you completely paralyzed ... Do you really know inside to what it feels like to be stuck in life that feeling unable to do anything about it, even though the situation was disastrous and even though staying put was painful in itself.


Well I heard a short story that I will share with your inner self I will probably not tell it right, but here goes:


A man is standing on the sidewalk and his dog is sitting next to him. The dog is whimpering and really looks as if it is in a lot of pain and misery. A woman walks by and asks the man on the sidewalk: "What is wrong with your dog?". The man on the sidewalk replies: "Oh he is sitting on a nail." The woman asks: "Well why doesn't he just get off it?". And the man says: "I guess it doesn't hurt enough!"


Well... I used to be like the dog. I did not get off that nail even though it was painful. I did not move until the pain was too much to bear. - And since someone took the time to write this little analogy, I am sure that many people do the exact same thing.


The point is, that every time I even thought about doing something different, my mind would bring me a ton of objections. And the only real mistake that I believed that this little "voice" in my head was telling the truth. Whenever I wanted to make some changes, this little voice would say; "Wait a minute! You can't do that, here take a look at this..." And it would play a recording of a few past failures to make its point. I would then say "Oh yeah you are right, better to stay put."


I kind of see this nagging little voice as the part of myself who desperately wants everything to stay exactly the same. Also I know, that it will do ANYTHING to accomplish that; and the worst part is that it seems to be a master of making its point and also a master of deception. So if a person is not aware (which I was not), it is so easy to get fooled by it. After all, this voice has had a lifetime of experience in doing what it does best.


What really helped me was actually getting to know this part of myself and being somewhat aware of what it's objectives and means of operating are. Because I know that every time I want to step out of the box, and every time I DO step out of the box, that there will be a voice in my head objecting to it. This rationalizing voice that is rationing lies to me.


Now at least I know that this voice is not the effect of my potential, but it is the effect of my past and present conditioning. It does not tell me what I can become; it tells me what I was and what I am now.

So I know that when I set out to become more, to achieve more, to do and to experience more, then my present conditioning is at risk and in a fraction of a second, I hear my inner voice guardian in there to talk me out of it.


Well understanding lets You know that You Do have a choice and that You have no real reason to obey the wishes of this inner voice guardian. And I guess that a well defined purpose for doing what it is that You want to do, and ALL of the reasons why You want to do it, is indeed the ammo You need to take that guardian down.


The point is, that this inner voice guardian works best when it can make a silent kill. If You are not aware of it, then it can assassinate your dreams and goals without You even knowing it.


It sure is important to Hold On! Either hold on or fall right back to where You are.

I for one do not want to fall back.


Kind Regards One n All


Create a bigger Now


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Using NLP to Stop That Critic inside Your Head
By Shezz P


Most of us at some stage will suffer from that critical voice inside our head.  It is completely normal to self talk throughout the day but wouldn't it be good if we could turn that critic into a more effective inner voice.
Wouldn't it be much more beneficial to you if your inner voice was one that encouraged you and helped you to succeed?  Or a voice that was full of praise and positive statements that help you to be happy and enjoy your life.

One thing that you should realise is that even if your inner voice is often critical, at some level it actually does have something of value to you.
The way that you 'self talk' has been going on for years, it has been learned from an early age and is now just habit.  The good news with this is that you can break habits and you can retrain your mind to make your inner voice more beneficial to you.

NLP offers you techniques to retrain your mind, let's look at this technique:

Think of your inner voice criticising you and imagine where that voice is located in space.  In other words, do you imagine that voice to be behind you, to the left or right of you or in front of you?  Try to picture in your mind where that voice is.  Become aware of exactly how it speaks to you and how it sounds.  Think of this in detail, as in the quality of its voice, how loud or soft it is, does it speak fast or slow?  Becoming aware of these qualities helps you to discover the structure and this is what holds the thought pattern together.

Now for the fun part, we are going to interrupt that thought pattern and sabotage it. Let's have a go at this:

1. Think of that annoying, critical voice one more time.

2. Imagine it being played backwards, like you are rewinding it.

3. First do it fast and then slow, then hear it backwards fast, really fast.  Do this about three times.

4. Now replace that backwards voice with a new positive message.  Give this positive message a nice, calm, friendly voice.

Thought processes such as internal voices can be changed quite quickly and easily if you know how.  By interrupting the pattern and changing the structure, our mind is able to access more resources and as a result makes us feel better and giving us more behavioural choices.
This is just one of the many techniques that you can learn through Neuro Linguistic Programming that can help you to change your life for the better.  NLP offers you amazing tools to transform your life.

This article was written by Shezz P who has successfully changed her life using self taught NLP techniques.

You too can change your life and create personal and professional success by using NLP techniques learned through the [http://www.nlp-toolbox.org]The NLP Toolbox!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shezz_P http://EzineArticles.com/?Using-NLP-to-Stop-That-Critic-inside-Your-Head&id=911756

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