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Want to Get Fit? How to Get Started Now

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Author: JoBeth Levina

We're always hearing the same info again and again, how we should do more exercise, eat less fat and sugar and reduce stress in out lives.


Sometimes it seems that we are so bombarded with a constant stream of the same old thing that our minds just filter it out, we don't even think what changes we need to make to our lifestyles, or if we do think about it at all we think that it all sounds like hard work and too difficult to put into practice.

So, all that said, I want to take a look at how we can get into shape and fitting some moderate exercise into our daily lives.

One of the common mistakes that many people make when they take up an exercise program is to throw themselves into something that is much too hard, thinking that it will get them really fit in no time at all.

Unfortunately, because the level is too high, it means you're setting yourself up for failure and instead of getting really fit you'll struggle with the program and also run the risk of injury. And if you haven't exercised for years then you should consult a physician before starting to make sure you won't do anything to harm yourself.

So, depending on your current level of fitness, the best advice is to start with a program that is easy and you can easily fit into your life. For many people this is as simple as taking the time to walk three or four times a week.

Walking is hugely beneficial because just by walking at a reasonable pace elevates our heart rate. Also, it requires no special equipment other than comfortable shoes and can be done at almost any time to fit in with our busy lives.

Ideally you should walk for 30 minutes, but if you can't manage this, at least aim for 20 minutes. You can also try using the stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking an extra block to and from work so that you are adding exercise into your lifestyle and while it may seem unlikely, a number of small changes like this can have enormous benefit to your health.

Walking can get a little boring though, so if you find yourself putting a walk off because it is just too dull, make sure you carry your iPod and listen to music, audio books or podcasts to use the time more effectively.

If walking really isn't your thing, what about swimming? Although you need to be slightly more organized to find time to visit a pool, the exercise is extremely good and just by taking it easy and building up the number of lengths you do your fitness will improve quite rapidly.

Other useful forms of exercise are hitting the gym, although if you join an aerobics or other exercise class make sure it caters for beginners. If you do take a class, or decide to lift weights, always make sure to warm up and stretch before beginning and cool down at the end. This will help reduce stiffness and reduce the risk of injury - not the result you want.

By gradually incorporating exercise into your life you'll start to look and feel healthier as well as sleep better, all of which will keep you motivated to carry on with your new fitness regime.


Regular exercise is an excellent way improving your general health, including boosting your immune system to protect against various ailments, such as acting as a preventative cold sore treatment for many people - see http://www.coldsoretreatmentguide.com for more details.


By using a FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week, you can often expect immediate changes in core strength, rapid improvements in weak or injured muscles, Because FLEXI-BAR® utilises vibration training to work the deep muscles of the core (muscles that attach to the spine) you can expect to feel dramatic results, FAST!



FLEXI-BAR With as little as 30-45 minutes exercise per week


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