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 From 1986 until 1995 I practised Sensei's Tai Jutsu and applied it to the Physical Medicine I was practising.  I had been in full time practice since 1974 and my approach to therapy had softened from osteopathic manipulations to release of problems by positioning the body across the ligamentous fulcrum of the injury.  Body positioning to support the injured joint for correction was paramount for precision adjusting.


Japanese Tai Jutsu is the very essence of Natural Movement, so it seemed obvious to practice one inside the other.


I shared these findings with two colleagues William Doolan and Chris Roworth who were doing their own research.  We presented these findings in 1995 and received from him a Menkyo Kaiden Master Teacher Certificate in Hi Chi Bu Ku Goshin Jutsu.  This was an ancient school of Self-Protective Methods, ranging from herbs, movement Saimenjutsu and breathing.


Hatsumi Sensei accepted us as students to the Amatsu Medicine Doctrines with records going back 3000 years.


The Active Balance approach to our Movement Orientated Therapy contains the essence of Natural Medicine doctrines, coupled with 28 years clinical experience.

Hi Chi Bu Ku Goshin Jutsu is a branch of Amatsu, it is an ancient art of Natural Movement, breathing and mind developing principles.  It was traditionally practised after mastering the martial techniques of warrior craft as a method of raising the spirit and bringing out the wellness and self-corrective powers of the body. 


Dr Masaaki Hatsumi is a Grandmaster of nine martial schools as well as the Hi Chi Bu Ku traditions.  He quotes that "Humans are the only creatures that need to be taught to move naturally".  Regular practice of the schools techniques leads to improved concentration, focus and improved sensory awareness.


The flexibility and integration it develops in the body allows for an effortless way of moving and walking.  The benefits to the weight bearing structures and relaxed muscles and ligaments working in harmony.  This produces a body power with easy movement that protects joints at times of stress.


Its postural management effects provides maintenance and relief from muscular and joint problems.  Whilst its mental integration can help problems ranging from concentration difficulties to the management of conditions such as dyslexia.  It provides a supplemental care facility for the more senior participant.


Dr Hatsumi granted three westerners with the full teaching rights to the school after many years of studious preparation.  He explained that people are losing touch with nature and our innate instinctual behaviours. 


Now we can present this simple moving meditation system to people of all walks of life.  It's the Natural Antidote to the rushed robotic lifestyle many of us encounter in our daily lives.

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