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Weight Loss as a New Year's Resolution

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Author: Amy Nutt

It seems almost cliché to make a New Year's resolution that has the words "weight loss" in it. As soon as New Year's Day has passed, individuals start buying the gym memberships, treadmills, and other exercise equipment. However by the end of the year, the membership card is nowhere to be found and all of the exercise equipment has about two inches of dust on it. Many times, the weight loss New Year's resolution doesn't make it past Valentine's Day with the large dinners and the boxes of chocolates. The temptations simply become too much.

However, there are those individuals who do find success in their weight loss New Year's resolution. And there are ways in which they do this:

- They write down "why" it is they need to lose the weight. They write down that they want to fit in that bathing suit in the summer. They write down that they want to have more energy when playing with the kids.

- They write down their goals. These individuals make sure their goals are sensible. They don't write down, "I want to lose weight by next week." They simply write down that they want to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. If they are losing more than that, then that is fantastic as long as it is done in a healthy way. Losing 50 pounds in a year is a very reasonable goal.

- They make a plan and they stick to it. Making common sense small changes is how it all starts. Take those changes and turn them into larger changes and your goals can be met.

Goal setting

It is important when setting goals that you not look at the big picture because it can be overwhelming. Divide the big picture into bits and pieces and turn those bits and pieces into small goals. If something seems attainable, then it is easier to reach.

However, there are some individuals who may find that it is difficult for them to lose weight through traditional means. This is because they may have a disability or they are so obese that exercise can't be done. Eating alone won't take care of the job. If that is the case, then something such as lap band surgery is an option.

Lap band surgery

Lap band surgery is a very important decision to make. This is a decision that is made when an individual has been overweight for over 5 years, is 50 to 100 pounds more overweight, and who has exhausted all other methods of weight loss. The individual must also be willing to make the lifestyle changes that are required for weight loss surgery to be a success.

The procedure involves fastening an adjustable band around the top part of the stomach, forming a small pouch, which is where the food goes. A person feels full quicker and the digestive process is slowed down. This reduces the amount of food an individual can take in. There is no bypassing of the intestines and the band can be adjusted by injecting or removing saline from the band. That way the band is comfortable.

This weight loss surgery is being practiced more and more to help individuals lose weight and they are finding great success with it. Recovery time is considerably less than with other weight loss surgeries. What is better is that over time, exercising becomes easier and the lap band patient is able to work on becoming physically fit. This is so that they can have the energy they need to do things such as playing with the kids and looking great at the beach. There is also the fact that that New Year's resolution is able to stick.

Laparoscopic weight loss surgery is designed to induce weight loss by limiting food consumption. The adjustable gastric band is the safest surgical procedure for weight loss, unique because it is adjustable and reversible.


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