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Weight Loss Programs For Teens

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Author: Stuart Miles

Is your teen overweight? If so, the one thing not to do is make it known to everyone that walks in the room that your teen is overweight and ask everyone's opinion if the teen needs to lose weight. That will do nothing for your teen's self confidence. In fact, it will make them feel like they don't belong. Always keep your teen's self confidence as high as it can go. They will need it when trying to lose weight.

If your teen needs to lose weight, it needs to start at home. Don't ever give your teen human growth hormone or steroids to help them lose weight. These two medications can harm your teen's body and if they play sports, they are banned at the high school and collegiate level. Not to mention that their body will not respond properly to these medications and could cause serious medical problems down the road.

A teen's weight loss should begin at home. Whoever cooks at the home needs to change what the teen eats. Adding seafood to the teen's diet, such as flounder and salmon, can help with a person's diet and health as well. Shell fish on the other hand are not healthy to add to a diet. They do not bring enough antioxidants to a diet like other seafood does.

The diet for a teen should also cut out all junk food including chips, pretzels, candy, pizza, ice cream and donuts. All of these foods add bad fat and bad carbohydrates to the body. They can also help with the buildup of plague in the heart's arteries, which, if not taken care of, can lead to a heart attack.

Add fruit and vegetables to your diet and remove sugar and salt. Fruit will become an excellent go to food if you feel the need to snack in between meals. But, once you begin a diet and exercise regimen, you will become less and less hungry throughout the day. Your appetite will not be as large and you will eat less during your meals. When you do eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, make sure you limit your portions and never eat until you are full.

Also, start your teen on an exercise routine. The exercise should be done early in the morning, before school starts, and done with someone else to motivate them. Many teens that are trying to lose weight usually workout with their father or mother before they head off to work in the morning. Having someone workout with you helps to pass the time and keep you motivated as you watch someone do the same exercises.

Putting together a weight loss program for teens can be difficult because some will find it boring and some are too lazy to want to actually make the effort. You have to try and get the teen away from the television and the video games and get him or her outside to shoot hoops or to walk on the treadmill in the basement.

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