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What a Glass of Water, Shoe Shopping and Vacuuming Have in Common

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Author: Irina Wardas

There are two simple things you can do to keep your New Year's Resolutions to get healthier and lose some weight: drink more water and keep moving. And I am not talking about vigorous exercises or 8 glasses of water every day. Here are tips how to easily drink more water and burn some extra calories.

To change our life=habits, we need to change our lifestyle, to change our lifestyle takes longer than we expect, that is why all diets fail. Let's be realistic: to change something in your life and stick to it takes more than a week or two, and even more than two- three months, am I right?

If you ask me how to start drinking more water and move more the easy way, I would say:
start your day with a glass of water before breakfast and get a puppy - just kidding about the puppy or not.

I. Why and how to drink more water.

We lose water every day by breathing, sweating, urinating, having a bowel movement - this is how we cleanse/detox our body from toxins.

Drinking more water helps us get rid of constipation, lose weight, lower blood pressure, get more energy, get rid of headaches, have healthier skin and complexion, have better digestion, ease PMS symptoms, etc.

Did you know that migraines can be caused by dehydration? Lightheadedness, weakness, extreme fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, nausea, tingling of the limbs are the symptoms of dehydration?

To drink more water is easier than you think. Let me explain how:drink a glass of water (warm with half a lemon preferably) before breakfast and a cup of tea during or after breakfast. It is already two glasses, and you haven't even started your day yet! It is simple, isn't it?

II. How to burn extra calories without sweat.((source: burncaloriesperhour.com)

Walking by itself will help you burn a lot of calories - maybe that is why European women are slimmer as well as New Yorkers.

Walking and calories :
up stairs -272 calories in 30 min
down stairs - 102 calories in 30 min
inside at work gathering things - 102 calories in 30 min
for pleasure - 119 calories in 30 min
under 2 mph (very slow, strolling) - 68 calories in 30 min
Don't have time to walk? What about going shopping:
non-groceries - 78 calories in 30 min
groceries, without cart - 85 calories in 30 min
groceries, with cart - 78 calories in 30 min
carrying - groceries - 85 calories in 30 min

It is all about moving. You can burn calories even without leaving a house:

ironing - 78 calories in 30 min
cooking - 85 calories in 30 min
washing car - 102 calories in 30 min
vacuuming, around home - 119 calories in 30 min
sweeping, inside (e.g., floors) - 112 calories in 30 min
washing dishes - 78 calories in 30 min
mopping - 119 calories in 30 min
multiple household tasks, light - 85 calories in 30 min
cleaning - light (e.g., dusting) - 85 calories in 30 min

Don't want to clean a house? Well, I can understand it. So what's left?

Kissing and hugging. They will help you burn calories (34 cal. in 30 minutes), reduce stress and boost your immune system.

And speaking about reducing stress, sex will help you both with stress and calories: 30 to 50 calories in 30 minutes! So, more sex = less calories and less stress - please have it in mind.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to move and burn calories. Start with baby steps, keep it simple and you will be surprised with the results:

one extra glass of water before breakfast gives you extra 365 glasses of water a year;
moving around the house or running errands can help you burn extra 3000 calories a month!

Let us be smart and take simple steps to feeling and looking fabulous.

And, as usual, don't forget to breathe, smile and be happy.

Irina Wardas is a founder of http://NaturalCounselor.com and works with women who have relationship stress or weight management issues and are experiencing increased appetite, mood swings, insomnia and lack of energy. To get your FREE eBook "How to Feel and Look Fabulous One Step at a Time"visit her blog.


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