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What Are The Ethos Eggs? all about.

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Author: phillip skinner

Ethos News July 2007

Contents: -

 New Eggs – More Stock Arriving
 What Are Ethos Eggs?
 Some Early Feedback on the Ethos Eggs
 What is an EMF Protection Device?
 Are EMF Protection Devices Safe?
 New Website Launched

This newsletter has been prepared by Paul Robinson – Executive Member - on behalf of the Ethos Group of Companies.


New Eggs – More Stock Arriving

The initial demand for the new Ethos Eggs took the Company completely by surprise. This led to temporary delays in shipping at the beginning of this month. Priority work by the suppliers means that all outstanding orders have now been despatched. Ethos would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Ethos CEO, Peter Aldred said “I have asked the manufacturers to accelerate future production in an attempt to keep up with the unexpected surge in sales. Unfortunately, this increase in production may take a short while to be realised due to the many processes involved in creating the eggs. We are, however, doing everything possible to keep delays to a minimum. I ask our Members and Customers to help us by placing their Ethos Egg orders a few extra days before they actually need them during this period of growth.”

What Are The Ethos Eggs?

They are egg-shaped (actually ovoid) quartz crystal specially treated to influence specific resonant energies within our body. They are approximately 2cm (1 inch) long and easily fit in a pocket.
There are currently three versions of the egg with many more in development: -

1) Ethos Energy Egg (white) Protect yourself and your loved ones from radiation from mobile phones, computers, televisions, geopathic stress, other people's energies, 'sha chi', blocked ki, entities, electromagnetic pollution and many other environmental stresses.

2) Ethos Wealth Egg (green) The Ethos Wealth Egg is tuned to strengthen your wealth ki (3rd and 6th chakras). This helps correct any lack of focus on making money and increases your awareness of the choices that lead to greater wealth.

3) Ethos Love Egg (Red) Use the Ethos Love Egg to automatically develop your awareness of, and ability to attract heart-centred relationships into your life.

Some early feedback on the Ethos Eggs: -

"On Tuesday evening I sat and watched television for about 1 hour - the first time for weeks - no problem. It was great. On Wednesday evening, I forgot my Energy Egg. After about 10 mins, I had to go out of the room - the sweat was pouring from me. So, from now on, I'll be carrying it in my pocket. Feeling great now - a million thanks again." - Margaret T, Wales

"I can feel my head clearing - it’s like a fog lifting after all these years" - Daria P, UK

“The Energy Egg is so powerful - I definitely felt a jump in my energy when I received it. Since then, my bronchial condition has been so much better, I’m sleeping better and my joint pain is better. These Energy Eggs are incredible!” - Louise L., Boulder, CO , USA

"I’ve felt a tremendous benefit and am feeling really good. I’m not reacting stressfully to difficult situations and my writing has tremendously improved. My doctor says I’m looking great, my energy is great and I feel so much lighter!" - Maggie B, London

"Thank you so much for your loving and expert support. When I held the Energy Egg on my sternum I felt hooked up to a vital fuel tank and soon felt energized and relaxed . . . The Energy Eggs are brilliant!!!" - Jill Q, Washington, USA

“Congrats on the Energy Egg. It's a winner! I have been much better since receiving it and have been able to ditch both the medicine injections and the Celebrex” - Rob T, Australia

"I cannot think what it was like now I have no asthma; it is wonderful: no medication whatsoever . . . after 22yrs [on Ventolin], to feel like this is great." - Margaret T, UK

"I have much more energy at home after a day working in a busy dental practice. I really noticed this after forgetting my Energy Egg on a few separate days. I was much more tired, even though I slept well" - Toby R, UK

"I've noticed that since I've been using my Energy Egg, I haven't missed a day of exercises - it seems to have eliminated the [foreign] energy that was reducing my resolve to do them before." - Roger M., UK

"I misplaced my Energy Egg . . . and had a pretty miserable week. However, after a dream / vision on Friday night, I saw where the E-Egg was and found it in the morning. How fantastic is that! I now feel so much better. I also view this as a lesson in how beneficial the Energy Egg is." - Mark C., UK

"Another positive effect of the Energy Egg has been much, much better sleep" - GL, Iceland

Please send us your experiences with the Eggs. Write to admin@ethosworld.com

What is an EMF Protection Device? – in layman’s terms
You have no doubt heard reports of the possible dangers from mobile phone emissions and such like. These are based on considerable research into EMF (Electro Motive Force) energy waves which are transmitted by ALL forms of electrical and transmitting device – televisions, computers, mobile phones, electricity cables, mobile phone masts and even domestic appliances such as microwaves and hair dryers! It is thought that all these small energy waves have a deteriorating effect on the body’s internal energy system. Over time this can lead to any number of imbalances and stresses with some serious consequences.

EMF Protection Devices work in many different ways to protect the body from these effects and the subsequent damage they can cause.
The Ethos Energy Egg corrects many imbalances in the body’s internal energy system and in so doing acts as an EMF Protection Device in addition to lots of other benefits.

Are EMF Protection Devices Safe?

It would appear that many of the tests carried out on conventional EMF Protection Devices have not necessarily told the full story. Whilst certain specific tests have shown that a particular desired effect is actually happening there is no mention in the reports of any other “side-effects” which may be detrimental to the body, and particularly the brain.
I am indebted to Anne Deveraux, Executive Member from the UK, who has offered to share with us some of her discussions with Stephen Kane who is the creator and developer of the Ethos Egg range. Below is part of that discussion: -

ANNE: -I am intrigued as to why you seem to be the only people who have even questioned the fact that EMF protection devices, and other so called energy enhancing devices can in fact cause stress to the chakras etc.

STEPHEN'S REPLY: - This is because the people who design these devices use techniques, such as kinesiology, dowsing or EMF measuring instruments, that generate a response that is highly focused on one subject and/or even one area of the body. This is the fundamental weakness of both scientific and bioenergetic methods.

Such methods can determine that, for example, the quality of some fraction of the blood improves when exposed to a certain influence - eg. an energy protection device - but they don't reveal that, say, the left frontal lobe of the brain is being damaged by the same device. So, if the experiment is based on blood cells - an experiment which is, for example, often performed in the UK - manufacturers then use the result to assert that their product is beneficial - without their having any idea of the long-term "side" or other-effects of such devices.

This is how many products have been marketed so successfully - focus on a desired result and ignore or don't even test for any less-desired results. Ignorance really is bliss when it translates into dollars and cents.

Then again, since this is the normal scientific method for medical drugs - not so long ago, the soon-to-be ex-editor of the British Medical Journal said that 99 percent of medical "science" is skewed to give desired results - perhaps one should not be too hard on manufacturers of energy protection products, who do the same thing . . .

The reason we can point out - and often demonstrate - how supposedly innocuous devices damage peoples' energies is that everything we do is based on the development of a whole body energy awareness. So, instead of looking exclusively at fractions of the body, we look at what is going on everywhere, simultaneously. This usually reveals a very different picture from that indicated by isolated experiments. The benefits of bioenergetic or scientific methods on their own are often invaluable - but without a global awareness of their subject's (eg. the human body's) energy they lack the precision we require for the development of our own products.

12 years ago I was privileged to be part of a team that introduced the concept of wrist magnets to the UK. Many millions have been sold around the world and I am proud to have been involved in helping so many people and animals during that time. On reading Stephen’s comments above, I checked the early research we carried out with the magnets. Of course, his statements were also applicable to these – we only looked for the positives. There were so many of these positives that we became “blinded” to the possibility of there being any long term side effects. We were only looking at a small part of the body – not the whole.

This is what really excites me about the Ethos Eggs. For the first time, there is a product that works to balance the whole body. The specific Eggs (Wealth, Love, Energy) then encourage the energy channels (Chakra) to be strengthened further in particular ways. All this happens within the context of the whole body without causing stress to any of the Chakras. These Eggs really are unique.

So – are other EMF Protection Devices and magnets safe? At the present time there is no firm evidence to suggest that they are unsafe to use. This is because tests have not been carried to investigate the long term effects they can create by stressing specific Chakras. As with most medicines, the benefits probably outweigh the disadvantages.

All I will say is that now that I have my Ethos Eggs – I have removed my wrist magnet …….. just in case.

New Website Launched:

Best wishes,

Your friend,

Phillip Skinner

PS. Are you prepared to be “lucky”?

Very many thanks to Paul for the latest 'eggciting' Ethos news letter..

All The Very Best



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