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What I Love Most About the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet?

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Author: Archie Freeman

When I was looking for dieting information to try to lose weight and reduce the fat in my body I was hard pressed to find anything worth really getting myself involved with.

Programs like Atkins and South Beach are loaded with pitfalls. You clog your arteries with all the fatty foods and meats you consume in Atkins all the while losing the nutrients you gain from the good carbohydrates you will not be ignoring.

South Beach is not a bad program, but if you are on a budget most people could not afford it. There are always all liquid diets which are high in sugar - but that never ends the cravings of food. Then I found fat loss 4 idiots, an interesting new concept in dieting.

If you are a certified moron, idiot or diet newbe then you should definitely look into the fat loss 4 idiots diet. I mean, seriously - losing fat, burning calories and trimming down is not rocket science but all of these doctors, diet people, life coaches and the like all love to make it seem like it is - I think it's how they feel in control and get you to "trust" them by appearing smart.

Losing weight for a moron cannot possibly be that hard. In fact, fat loss 4 idiots nearly guarantees that you lose nine pounds in eleven days. Granted - that's a bit high of an estimate. Most people lose three to five pounds every eleven days. Still - that is nothing to turn your nose up at.

Do you really want to spend your days calculating numbers? With some of these diets you need to have a master's degree in mathematics. I do not have one - a lot of people do not so the answer is pretty simple - not on your life.

Dieting does not mean having to ignore the foods you like - doing so makes a diet unbearable. Fat loss 4 idiots - a diet for morons like me (and others) says to have no fear. There is no need to participate in low-calorie diets, low-card, low-fat, high-carb diets. It's not needed!

So - what is it really?

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a budget diet that is on the web - now, I know what you're thinking and yes - it REALLY does work! And it works a lot better than most of the other diet plans, systems and gimmicks available today. It's essentially a meal plan - no horrendous workouts. Here is an idea of what your meals could look like for a several day spread:

They break up your meals into four (catchy piece in the name of the plan!) so for day 1 you could have some flavored oatmeal, tuna salad, scrambled eggs and a sandwich of your choosing. Not too bad, right? It's a real day - normal. Day 2 is not much different. Banana milk shake, some scrambled eggies with mixed veggies, a spot of cottage cheese and chicken - all good stuff.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is simple and cheap - it's at your fingertips when you need it!

Questions? I would love to answer any questions that you may have about the Fat loss 4 Idiots diet. Just visit and just put your question in the comment field. Archie Freeman is a freelance writer and writes on various subjects like diet and health trends


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