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What Is GeneWize Life Sciences?

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Author: Kevin Tyler Smith

Many new multi level marketing systems seem to pop up almost everywhere just like mushrooms. This makes it even more difficult for a lot of people to decide on whether one MLM opportunity would be the best for them or not. However, although there are a lot of new comers in the industry, you should not underestimate them, since some of them actually have good offers, such as GeneWize Life Sciences.

Wise Beginnings

Just like other MLM ventures today, GeneWize is backed up by a fully established company. It's actually a fully-owned subordinate of Gene Link Inc., which is a company specializing in genetic biosciences. Generally, the company markets itself as a beauty, health, and wellness company that specializes in products that have excellent quality, which are supported by DNA-based genetic tests that makes the goods customized and even more suitable for their users. The company aims to deliver personalized solutions in the fields of beauty, health and wellness and their goal is to aid people in feeling and looking better, to have healthier and even longer lives.

The Main Principle

The company pays emphasis and importance on the effects that a person's genes has on his/her overall state of being. Each person in the world has their own set of DNA, which is your genetic blueprint and is responsible for making you look like what you are now. According to research, body chemistry is genetically determined. The company believes that by targeting certain genes, you can achieve a big change not merely on how you digest your food to make use of nutrients, but even also on how your body reacts to internal conditions, physical activity, environmental pressures and a lot more other factors.

Considering all the possible factors and problems faced by humanity today, GeneWize Life Sciences wanted to utilize the technology and knowledge that their company has in order to produce personalized health products just for the market.

Money Making Opportunity

There are various ways on how you can make money with GeneWize. Generally, there are four methods, namely: retail sales, two-team bonus, matching bonus and company pools & incentives.

Retail Sales: This method works whenever a customer purchases a LifeMap Nutrition System, then you will get a retail profit. If you get to enroll four people, then you wouldn't have to pay anything anymore.

Two-Team Bonus: Whenever you enroll other Affiliates, they would be placed into either your right or left sales team. During the end of the week all your Affiliates' sales volume would be summed up. You'll earn ten to twenty percent of your smaller team's business volume. This is regardless on wherever the volume comes from; you'd still have 10%-20% of the final team business volume.

Matching Bonus: Other than the Two-Team Bonus you'll also get income from the Enroller Tree, which is based on the people you have enrolled and their enrollees too. No placement is needed. Each month you'll get the matching check bonus ranging from 10%t to 40% of the 2-Team Bonus.

Incentives & Company Pools: GeneWize also offers shares and incentives in bonus pools that are based on ranking and performance. So, if you're an active member and has good performance, then you're probably up for a pretty high incentive during pay period.

To learn more about GeneWize and how to grow this business in ways most network marketers will never know, follow the link in the resource box now.

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